Green Apron Tales-the freshest brew

So, things have been pretty quiet in Green Apron land. Customers have been pretty-dare I say-normal. We’ve still got our share of freaks, like the guy who ordered a 6 shot cappucino…but that’s just par for the course. No one really stands out as being super oddball, at least in customer land. We’ve had some Continue reading →


This is Booger.   Booger is not the brightest of cats. She was found in a car engine. We swear she inhaled fumes. BUT, we adore her. Today, while I was at work, Doug told me that Booger caught a mouse in the house. Not shocking after the two micecapades we’ve had this year. (I’m Continue reading →

Mom’s Favorite

This week’s Sesame Street on Friday segment is dedicated to my long suffering, oft blogged Mom. This has always been her favorite…and hey-who doesn’t love tap dancing sheep?


So, last night, I was talking with constant Sidekick and she brought up Sunday school for the fall. She’s on the committee, as she’s helping out with some of the stuff. She brought up the fact that they were starting to group the kids, and that Isaac was singled out to “experience Sunday school in Continue reading →

How to back up a drive thru

or how to tick off the Baristas, shifts and customers behind you all in one foul swoop. Yesterday, I was assigned to drive thru (DTR) and I figured it would be one uneventful day. You know, the usual idiots and the like who come through, as well as the amazing regulars who marvel that we Continue reading →