Fred the Pig

This is Fred.  Fred is a pig that lives in Isaac’s room.  Let’s discuss my insane child and Fred.  One night, he was in his Batman Pajamas, and he came out carrying the pig. The 3 Kings left the pig in Isaac’s shoes for being a good boy.  I said : “Oh look! It’s Batman Continue reading →

Freakin woodwork. Seriously.

Since I moved back to this fishbowl area, people that I thought had fallen off the face of the planet are back. I swear. Some of them that I’ve taught swimming to their kids…well, those conversations lead to embarrassing moments, like “Oh, I didn’t recognize you in real clothes..” yeah. that.   So, it should have Continue reading →

Just for Meeeessstttyyy

you know, if you go to home depot, and you ask for 1.5, they charge you for 2.    But you knew that. (I can’t find the entry,but it entailed a delusional tutee of mine trying to get a longer block of time from me by using a bad home depot analogy..saying that if you Continue reading →

room painting, Isaac style

So, when we moved into this house, I repainted Isaac’s room, because before he moved in, it was a little girl’s room. Ick. All sorts of flowers, butterflies and girlie stuff. Bah. Ick. No place for a NASCAR loving, fire engine addicted boy.     Due to the horrific winter we’ve had this year, the Continue reading →