Excuses, excuses

Poor Isaac. He’s miserable.  Hardcore. He really dislikes summer literacy camp. It’s work. I can’t blame the kid. Well, Thursday, he came up with some CHOICE excuses to try and stay home and make a 3 day weekend a 4 day weekend. I figured I’d share… So, here, in really no particular order, are Isaac’s Continue reading →

Things I do to entertain myself

I swear. I think I am one of the most easily bored people I know. If I’m not involved in SOMETHING or doing something TO something, I’m in trouble. Since becoming mildly bionic, I’ve taken to finding…accessories…for my bionic-ness. These are things that I love, and are on a budget. I figure if I’ve got Continue reading →

Identity Crisis

Recently, I joined a new blog group-see the new button on the right hand side-Blogs By Latinas. It’s an all Latina blogger group. Go visit. You’ll find some awesome things over there. There’s a contest type thing going on called More than a Latina. They’re taking submissions of photos, art, poetry and short stories. They Continue reading →

Where does it end?

I don’t know how many times I thought this today as I watched my son romp around the playground and trot off to the beach with my dad at Moreau Lake. This summer has been the first time that we’ve had to find programming for Isaac because he wasn’t getting full summer educational programming. Yes, Continue reading →

Hi Bear!

Lately, Doug has taken to calling me Olivia Walton because I take in as he puts it, “every stray that comes in my path.” This was no exception. About a month ago, I took in a small black kitten. Doug yelled. I pleaded the case of the kitten that was going to be dumped outside Continue reading →

Summer O’ Stuff-Hello, Shutterfly!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Summer o’ Stuff! There will be all sorts of goodies coming for the next month-ish for giveaway until I go back to the classroom again and actually have work to do.  Yeah, you heard that right. I’m going back to work…but I digress. I’ll talk about the new place another Continue reading →