Chara, Pacioretty and my worst nightmare

As we come into my favorite time of the hockey year, playoffs, things ramp up. Chances get taken and things happen. There are times that grudges get settled or something stupid happens and the league…well…is just the league. Currently, take the latest case that has taken over the headlines and voices of the entire NHL. Continue reading →

Movin’ on up?

100_3191 We’ve come to the end of another hockey season. I can’t believe we’re here! It only seems like yesterday we went gear shopping for our own gear. Hey-can you blame me for the loaner gear last year? I didn’t know that we’d be in this deep with hockey. I had secretly hoped we would-that Isaac Continue reading →

Saving the Bobbies

  So, when I was in college, I had the bestest Educational Psychology prof. I had heard good things, but come on. You never know. So, the class fit into my schedule and whammo, bammo, I was in. I met Bob Malloch on the first day of class, where he asked us to call him Continue reading →

Maternity Leave + First Grade = ?

This year, we were blessed to have a much better experience than Kindergarten. The rub in all of this? Isaac’s teacher left for maternity leave. Her last day was Thursday. The kids get the long term sub starting tomorrow. Now, let’s get one thing straight here. I have NOTHING against this long term sub. I Continue reading →

Dear Entity that Controls the Weather:

101_0006 I understand that people start doing their “snow dances” in December for a proverbial “White Christmas.” I, however, do not.  I truly understand that I live in the Northeast. It does snow here. A dusting?  Fine.  A scene like this: uncool. Completely uncool. Especially after you’ve dumped at least 8 inches on us prior to Continue reading →