The last day of school

Here we are at the end of another year. There hasn’t been much about my work, because all year, I’ve had to endure a social media blackout because  a few years back, a group of insane parents  decided to go on Facebook and slam the school, administration and pretty much everything about it. I can Continue reading →

I went to the movies and…

I sat in front of some of the most obnoxious people ever.   I have this track record at movie theaters of getting in front of the most idiotic people on the face of the planet. I swear. I must have a “IDIOTS SIT HERE!!” sign over my head pointing either in front of or Continue reading →

Sears Auto Can Bite Me.

Over the past month, my Adventuremobile needed a few fixes. AND, it figures, both fixes needed to happen on the weekend.  I had to take my Adventuremobile to the only open repair shop, because this wasn’t a fix that could wait. Especially the first one. That repair shop? Sears. The first time I went there, Continue reading →

10 years ago today..

On a beautiful Southern California weekend, in the middle of an orange grove, I married my best buddy in the whole wide world. Happy Anniversary, Doug. The one who not only drives me crazy, but I know I couldn’t be without. Love you.

It’s a Mario!

Last summer, we discovered, thanks to Sheblogs, the wonder that is K’nex. Isaac has been asking me for the longest time to get another set of K’nex and build with him. Plus, now, since the Yoshi Halloween costume, Isaac’s very into Mario. Then, the perfect thing shot through my email. K’nex MARIO KART BUILDING SETS!! Continue reading →

Routine, routine, routine

Thank the good heavens above spring break is over! I need to get back into the groove of things. With the way my schedule works and working for a Catholic school, I had today off. This amounted into (with having Good Friday off as well) a 10 day vacation. Not that I didn’t need it…but Continue reading →

Happy 7th Birthday, Monkey!

My Dear Monkey, Here we are again. April 19th. You’ve been reminding us for a good week that this was coming. Your Birthday. I can’t believe that 7 years have passed since you decided to show up on your own terms.  Late at night and with a flair for the dramatic. It figures. But I Continue reading →