Another rainy night

How is this for 2 in one week?! We went to a local baseball game, and whaddya know, it RAINED in the middle of the 6th inning. Is this a pattern for this week? First downpours at Maroon 5 and Train and now this! Isaac took it all in stride-like we all should…and this says Continue reading →

A Rainy Maroon Train Night

The need for an adult night out has been rehashed in our house for a long, long time. With all of the wackiness going on, we needed to have a killer night out. So, when I unexpectedly won tickets to Maroon 5 and Train through a fluke that only I could get into, it was Continue reading →

When it’s a zoo,what’s one more?

We’ve got cats. We’ve got frogs. Now, please welcome the latest addition to our zoo…. Red, the Guinea Pig! Isn’t he CUTE?! His name? It’s after the fire truck from Cars. So, can you guess who technically owns Red? I’ll give you a hint… Yeah. it’s one more in our zoo of a house, but Continue reading →

Happy July 4th!

Happy July 4th, and happy birthday to the best little sister in the world. To celebrate, here are the annual Muppet clips… Fozzie from my favorite movie-the Muppet Movie And a classic-Sam the Eagle singing Stars and Stripes Forever. With a classic Sam freak out.

A wet, wild day at the fun park

For eons, my family would spend at least one of our summer days at the fun park, no matter where we were. If we were in Maine, we’d find a place there. In California, it would be Disneyland, Knotts, or Magic Mountain. This time around, we ended up at our local theme park, Six Flags Continue reading →