Hockey Weekend in America

I’m back for a second…Michelle from Is That Your Child will be taking over later today…. The fog is lifting…and I just want to shout this from the rooftops!   IT IS HOCKEY WEEKEND IN AMERICA! (no. we’re not happy about this. No.) We love our favorite sport and we love the fact that it Continue reading →

The Flip Side

So, here I am. Back and still kind of woozy. Two different kinds of pain meds will do that to a girl.   So, let’s discuss the events of Jan. 31st. At 9:15, I checked in to the “welcome center” and was promptly brought back and given my hospital issue fatigues, otherwise known as a Continue reading →

Goals, Schmoals. Who Needs ‘Em?

ThienKim is awesome. She was my first experience with “HOLY COW! Someone out there is reading my tweets!” We quickly bonded over Pumpkin Spice coffee and multi-racial kids. She’s fun, amazing and DEFINATELY not the nanny. She also eats pasta with chopsticks. I may try that when I’m allowed to eat it again. can’t be Continue reading →

9 Valentine Pins to Love {guest post}

Today’s guest Ringmaster post comes from my awesome amiga, Ruby from Growing Up Blackxican. I met Ruby at Blogalicious and we totally hit it off.  Remember the Pea on a Fork? Yeah. She’s behind that. One more thing about Ruby? I can speak SoCal to her and she totally gets it. She knows that CalTrans Continue reading →

We All Have a Circus

Today’s guest post comes from Jacqueline, otherwise known as Nerdmom. I met her through Social Fabric and she actually roasted me! She’s a blast-she’s fun, witty and does all sorts of  geeky things after my own heart.    I was so honored to have been asked to guest post here at My Three Ring Circus Continue reading →

Weight Does Not Equal Worth

Today starts off our Guest Ringmaster week here at the Circus. Since I’m out of commission with my gastric bypass, I’ve got some awesome freinds who are taking over the Circus this week. First up is Lindsay of Lindsay Blogs.  She’s just a blast. I met her going on now, 2 years ago, and we Continue reading →