Fat Girl Panties

So, I was told by my good friend Kim that I had to tell this story, so here goes. One of the FIRST things you outgrow/shrink out of is your undies. Seriously. These things have absolutely no play in them whatsoever. Ask anyone who’s been preggo. The first thing they have to buy is underwear. Continue reading →

Eww. Seriously? So gross.

That phrase could be used to describe what’s happened to me in terms of food over the past week and a half. When you have bariatric surgery, they warn you about a few things- food intolerances and dumping. Now, I figure I’ve got the stomach of steel. Not much doesn’t agree with me, so I’d Continue reading →

I have homework.

Yes, that is a side effect of going to school. Homework. blech. But, me having homework has served one huge purpose…to get Isaac on track doing his and realizing that Mommy DOES actually know what she’s talking about when I tell him to DO YOUR DANG HOMEWORK!   So far, since starting school, I’ve had Continue reading →

The Good People

On Friday, Isaac and I took a journey to the mall. We had ONE purpose in mind.   We wanted to go see Star Wars-Episode 1 in 3D.   No, I didn’t ditch school. I have Fridays off. We’re intense from Monday through Thursday, but we take an extra day to either do clinic, decompress, Continue reading →