Now, for my .02

I know that hockey season is over. Whine. Whine. BUT, I decided that I would talk about this now so none of my crazed Stanley Cup Ranting got involved in this. (Umm..hey DeBoer-can ya please find a way to talk Lou into keeping Adam Oates and Zach Parise? COME ON!  And HEY! Los Angeles Media! Continue reading →

Guess what I’m up to now?

This year for me has been all about change. It started by going to Blogalicious 11. Continued with the whole Gastric Bypass thing. Now, I’m going to do something that a lot of people think I’m crazy for… I’m going to run/walk a 1/2 marathon! Yes, you read that right. A 1/2 marathon. Specifically the Continue reading →

Midterms, Mayhem and Clinic Test Ins

So, I told y’all that the past few weeks have been BUUUSSSSYYYY. That’s the understatement of the year. When I was warned that this Massage Therapy program was rigorous, they weren’t kidding. The program has picked up steam and the full time class (that’s my group!) are throttling down the train tracks at warp speed. Continue reading →

Mid terms are here!

So, I promise a full on update and some really hilarious stuff that’s gone on here within the next day or so. I’ve got an anatomy mid term and a few clinic hours to complete! One thing you can do is if you want to check out my side project with Lindsay until I’m back Continue reading →

Hey-look! It’s a renovation!!

Check this action! Like the new header? Like the new look?   Whelll..this has been in the works for a bit. I’ve been working with Ruby of GUB fame and her awesome side project, Ruby’s Design Studio on this renovation.   Then, to help make this even more awesome, my partner in crime, Lindsay helped me find the Continue reading →

Tongue wagging

For the longest time, Isaac’s had the cutest heart-shaped tongue. It’s one of those things that’s just been a part of him. While he was at ECEC, we discovered that his cute little heart-shaped tongue was really a shortened lingual frenulum. We decided, along with our awesome pediatric dentist, to leave it be. We figured Continue reading →

An ode to my Mom

This Mother’s Day, I’m working with Clever Girls in support of Macy’s Heart of Haiti to shine a light on the “trade, not aid” program, which provides sustainable income to Haitian artisans struggling to rebuild their lives and support their families after the 2010 earthquake. What is Macy’s Heart of Haiti? Heart of Haiti is Continue reading →

A visit to the Cadaver Lab

As part of my LMT program, I had the opportunity to visit the Albany Medical School Cadaver lab.  I’ll admit, when I first heard about the opportunity, I wasn’t sure I really wanted to go. After all, I thought I knew what the cadaver lab would be all about. Massive stench, bodies, lots of bloated and diseased Continue reading →

Jello Brain

One of the perils of being in a compressed program (9 months!) is the fact that the classes come fast and furious and that means so do the tests! This week, I had the perfect storm converge. Seriously. I did.   We had last week off. It was spring break. We needed it. But, we Continue reading →

Happy 8th Birthday, Monkey

Today, 8 years ago, you came into our lives on your own terms. and you are still handling the world on your own terms. My wish for you on this big 8th birthday is that you never lose your sparkle. your sense of humor and your one liners. I hope you never stop asking me Continue reading →