Gravity is overrated

Since this hip injury is driving me bonsai, and I’m sick of sitting on the couch, sitting life out because of it, I started peeking around on line for classes in the area that I could start doing to get some more activity into my body. It was just then it hit me. This would Continue reading →

Plans change

/In a few weeks, I was SUPPOSED to be walk-running the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Fransisco.  Sadly, I’m not. My hip had other ideas. Last year, I fell on my hip at Jumpin’ Jack’s around the 4th of July. When I started training, I completely aggravated the injury-between doing some nice mileage and school, Continue reading →

Medical devices, the TSA and me

I travel with assorted medical stuff. It’s pretty common knowledge that I wear my insulin pump and keep an extra set of supplies and vial of insulin with me. The latest addition to my medical stuff is an epi pen. Since the peanut incident of a few years ago, my allergist, Dr. C, equipped me Continue reading →

Homeward Bound

Right now, I’m writing this from New Orleans Airport. Technically Louis Armstrong International Airport… I’m on my way back to good ‘ol Upstate New York from the Big Easy. It’s been a whirlwind weekend of fun, friends-both new and old-, new in jokes and lots of learning. Wait-where was I? I was at NICHE MOMMY Continue reading →

Just another lesson in diversity

So, it’s no shock to anyone who knows me (or has hung around the Circus for a while) that my friends and crew are like the United Nations. We’re all so different, it’s insane. One of my besties…my sister from another mother is Esha. And noticing the headscarf under the AMAZING hat there, you can Continue reading →