Hockey season switcheroo

I’ve written this post and scrapped it several times over the past few weeks, because I didn’t know how I felt about all of this. I wasn’t sure. We started the season in our regular league, in the program we moved Isaac down from last year. Since I went back to working, I didn’t see Continue reading →

Merry Christmas from the Circus!

We’ve spent the last 24 hours tracking Santa with NORAD and were up before the sun (at 5:30 am here!) with presents and fun for all-including the animals.   We wish you all the joy, love and happiness that the season brings… and a day full of love, snuggles and laughter. Merry Christmas! Love, All Continue reading →

Red’s visit with Santa

  For years, I thought it was hilarious that people brought their pets to see Santa and get their photos taken. It almost kind of seemed silly to me to have this type of thing done. Seriously. Pets? Santa? Hrm. Okie dokie… WELL, count me in the silly people now. Here’s the story.   We Continue reading →

Holy cow, I MADE IT.

So, yeah, things got really, really quiet around here for a bit. As usual, I had a ton of stuff to do for school. It got to the point where all of my time ended up being school related. I had Shiatsu projects (yay! Fun!), Professional development projects (ICK) and presentations galore. But, I came Continue reading →

Giving Tuesday

There’s a movement out there for after Black Friday and Cyber Monday to become a day that people truly give back. They’re calling it Giving Tuesday. The aim is to increase charitable giving in the midst of everyone really in the holiday rush. Today, lots of companies are matching donations! It’s a good day to Continue reading →

Thankful Thanksgiving

It’s late in the evening, and I’m finally sitting down at my computer to begin to blog again after a school imposed hiatus. I’ve got a cat on my chest, a full and sleeping small boy in the other room and my husband sitting in the recliner next to me flipping between football and a Continue reading →