How to Annoy me…

First, treat me like I’m stupid when I get turned around and go into the wrong office, put your hand in my face and say “EXCUSE YOU” and then when I ask you to leave me alone, you storm off and use several profanities in front of my child. THEN, have your secretary detail the Continue reading →

You know you’re back in NY when….

There’s no Spanish on the Radio, but you hear FRENCH. There are thunderstorms, and people call them “boomers.” No one is shocked when you ask how often the power goes out during a thunderstorm. When you have a short wave radio, you can actually get other stations in! You realize that the person speeding beside Continue reading →


Here I am, sitting in Nora’s family room, using my computer. Yes mom, I can use my computer in other people’s houses. I’ll explain it to you later. Now, I realize that I’m only 200-ish miles from home and I’m starting to miss things about California. First, I miss the palm trees. I miss the Continue reading →