and it’s just kinda yuchy..

An old friend of my sis’ comitted suicide during the week. It brought me back to when my very good, hilarious friend, Robert did it. I saw him about a week before, he was happy, laughing, writing lots of music and coming to sing with the Chorale. Then, he was gone. His mom was adamant Continue reading →

Of apples, closing doors and flies

First off…we have this fly infestation all of a sudden. It’s really beginning to gross me out. They just kinda appear out of nowhere, and we’re not sure where they’re getting in! They’re the turqouise bodied variety…and they’re driving the cats insane. Yesterday, I must have killed 7 of them. We even went so far Continue reading →

And the drama continues….

That moron of a “dean” (*cough* Dr. Stokes *Cough*) has chosen not to email me back in 3 weeks…yet again. I made the call to my favorite department, Resources, and then got the news that my work was prolly not on that computer. All of the more ammo to go to Dr. Parker with. Which Continue reading →

Things I swore I’d never do

When I got pregnant with Isaac, there was this laundry list of things I swore I’d never do, ever. I’ve found that some of them still stick, but others, forget it. Those are just lifesaving tactics that guarantee a few seconds of either “chore time” or just a breath. Let’s talk about the cardinal sin Continue reading →


I hate movers. Did I mention this to anyone before? I prolly did, but just in case, I’ll say it again. I hate movers. What caused the loathing? It’s very easy to see. FIRST- when we moved from Banbury to Magnolia in CA, the morons not only traumatized Jasmine to the point where she wouldn’t Continue reading →