Well, well, well…

I just got a hold of my favorite boss inthe whole wide world, Cora. Turns out that she was here for 14 days! ARGH!!!!! BUT, the good stuff I got out of her was that Dr. Parker sent someone to look for my work on the ARC computers. It is so far gone, that it’s Continue reading →

and the stuff continues..

so, here’s the end of the last update… Right now, we’re dealing with Isaac and a sinus infection. He was running a fever at day care yesterday and we had to go and get him. I had to fight the doc’s office and the rude receptionist to get him in to see Dr. Swicker. It Continue reading →

What’s on my needles and other musings

So, I’m in the home stretch making presents…MAEVE…I NEED COLORS!!! CALL OR EMAIL! so, I’ve begun working on my Hogwarts house scarf. Having been sorted twice into Hufflepuff, I’m definately one of those! I visitited the Periwinkle Sheep (my addiction of choice in yarn shops) and got some Utopia yarn. This stuff is to DIE Continue reading →

Nope…Rudolph was LAST year!

So, I’ve gone back to Build a Bear. This store is VERY different from the Ontario Mills store. It really is. There’s no sucking up to any manager so that you can stay past the holidays. They’re very even keel and they’re total crack ups. Kicker in all of this one is that it’s right Continue reading →

Halloween and class schedules

Isaac’s 2nd Halloween was so much fun. I still don’t think he “gets” it, but hey..he’s only 18 months. Trick or treating with day care was hilarious. Think 8 toddlers, 5 office buildings and a ton of candy, toys and one really sweet golden retriever who Isaac tried to feed laffy taffy to! Right now, Continue reading →