My last day at Sylvan was Friday night. Thank the good lord. Do you know, in their infanite wisdom, those fools were going to have me come in on Saturday for 1 child for 2 hours? FORGET IT. When Tiffany told me “oh, I don’t need you for the first two hours, can you come Continue reading →

School break has definately hit

I worked at da bear yesterday for the first time since Monday and the whole day care fiasco (day care closed…crossed signals with teacher, thought day care open…BIG MESS ensued), and man, was I completely unprepared for this whole thing. we had people waiting at our gate at 10 am for us to open and Continue reading →

Happy Chrismukkah!

Hey. It’s true! This year, the first night of Chanukkah was on CHRISTMAS DAY!! So, it’s truly Chrismukkah! Yamiclauses anyone? (if you don’t know w hat they are, see the OC.) we’re already in the holiday hangover. my house looks like toys r us vomited. I’ve got toys all over my living room floor, and Continue reading →

Where is my dancing icon?

Oh, I’m just so thrilled. My classes are OVER! Yes, OVER. I took my last exam yesterday at 12:15. Not bad at all. It makes up for all of the buttcrack of dawn mornings that I spent working on finishing off my papers, exams and all. It didnt’ help that 90 % of my exams Continue reading →