Oh, and one more thing…

I took Jasmine and Booger and Isaac to the vet. For those counting…2 cats and a 2 year old. Maeve’s response when hearing I did this? “No thank you. You’re insane.” I knew that.

Toilet seats and the mere mortal

So,t he toilet seat cracked shortly after my last entry. Lovely. So, through a series of mishaps, I ended up at the depot. I was so desperate to get a toilet seat that I let Isaac sit in one of the “racecarts.” It was a #20. Ick. Tony Stewart. Busted ass driver. But I digresss. Continue reading →


We have rain. And that means…PUDDLES! In CA, we always would walk under the carports so that we could avoid the terrential downpour long enough to keep the groceries dry. Therefore, Isaac never, ever had the joy of puddle splashing. Today, that all changed…. Since the puddle sitting incident of a few weeks ago, he’s Continue reading →

The F-bomb McDonald’s

I know I should have blogged this when it all went down. BUUUUT, I was kind of waiting for the corporate response. I went to get breakfast for the crew one early morning at McDonald’s, and I was greeted with several uses of the f-bomb by both staff and managers. It was the most entertaining Continue reading →

Adventures in Coffee

Tomorrow is dad’s bday. Sooo, with him being the coffee addict that he is, I decided that his gift will be Starbucks Coffee. mmmmmmm…..starbucks….. The only starbucks stores I knew of are in ALBANY. Living in Niskayuna, that’s a problem. I’m NOT driving a half hour to get to one of the stores. Nope. Not Continue reading →

Why I hate my job

This week, snotty assistant has been in rare form. She seems to believe that SHE is the head teacher and can basically tell me what to do and how to do my job. Yeah, RIGHT. She has even taken it upon herself to let me know in front of other people in the room in Continue reading →