Fiber Friday

Since a few people have asked me if I’ve given up knitting in response to a few of my latest posts, I counter with Fiber Friday to prove that I still knit (and still have issues with heel turning…). Today’s fiber exploit is Show and tell for Hogwarts Sock Swap! This is round 1…Round 2 Continue reading →

It’s a small world after all…

Tonight, I went to a parent function at Isaac’s school. A set of parents walked in…and I thought the father looked WICKED familiar. So, turns out that this is the new girl’s family..the one Isaac’s been chatting about….and turns out..she’s been talking about Isaac! I get to talking with the dad,and it turns out, he Continue reading →

3 sides to every story

While I was sitting here working on a supersecret knitting project, I was reading the article on Debbie Oatman in today’s Times Useless. The scathing nature of the article is kind of odd… Why? Simple. When the Extreme Home Makeover team showed up in Colonie (a serious 3 miles from my house…), they were all Continue reading →

Overheard at Greek Fest

 Me: “My son ate my spatakopita. I need 2 peices so I can actually eat some this time!” Person working booth: “God Bless him! He knows what’s good!” see? Someone who agrees with my philosophy on feeding children!!! Then, there was the guy who thought I was his lucky charm because when I was standing Continue reading →

I don’t get it.

Why is it when I take Isaac out for Asian of any kind, and he just devours (with mmm…yummy! sounds) things like miso soup and California rolls, cucumber rolls, Ebi, and inari, we get looked at like we’ve got 20 heads. I had another table ask me if I would be better off ordering him Continue reading →

Dial me in, Scotty

So, I get Isaac’s long awaited (and insanely delayed) paperwork for his annual review. I hate reading annual reviews, because I cannot get past the fact that to determine eligibility, people writing these suckers (me included) have to use the discrepancy model, and basically slam the parents with what their child CANNOT do, instead of Continue reading →

A new movie in the lineup

Last Friday, sick of the usual suspects…”Cars,” “Wiggly Safari,” “Wiggledancing,” and any of the various Elmo DVDs…as well as NASCAR, I tossed in one of MY favorites, “Lilo and Stitch.” I love the Elvis-loving, hula dancing, peanut butter sandwich feeding to a fish Lilo. She cracks me up. It also brings me back to California, Continue reading →

Sick Little Monkey

My little Monkey is sick.. So sick that he fell asleep on the couch and took a 45minute nap! He’s actually sat through 2 Disney/Pixar movies (Toy Story-“I want Woody and Buzz!” and Cars “want my lightning McQueen!”) and had some soup for dinner…and has been drinking whenever he can. He’s got croup and a Continue reading →

Good times with Ikea

In January, we were the recipients of a NEW BED! Whoopie! This was an Ikea Aspelund bed, with a brand spanking new mattress and a sweeeeet pillowtop mattress pad, because we love our beds squishy, with some support. So, since our bedroom is the attic converted, when the weather starts to warm up, we ahve Continue reading →