Crafty Monday

Fair warning- this is photo heavy… It’s Crafty Monday! So, let’s get started with the photo parade, shall we? First up, is the promised shots of the quilt from He-Double hockey sticks! Here is the fabric that started it all. This is a close up shot… Next, with the “Boogity, boogity, boogity Let’s go racin’!” Border Continue reading →

9 Valentine Pins to Love {guest post}

Today’s guest Ringmaster post comes from my awesome amiga, Ruby from Growing Up Blackxican. I met Ruby at Blogalicious and we totally hit it off.  Remember the Pea on a Fork? Yeah. She’s behind that. One more thing about Ruby? I can speak SoCal to her and she totally gets it. She knows that CalTrans Continue reading →

Running out of room!

I know I haven’t talked about crafting for quite some time.  I had to take a break for a while, but now with a few gifts to be made and them being for special people and all, I figured it was high time to get back into gear. So, here’s the problem that has arisen Continue reading →

Why buy when you can make it?

Last night, I made a trip to Linens n things, because the store by my house is closing. I figured I’d get some good deals for the craft/study and possibly pick up a cheap set of twin sheets for the Monkey. WELL, right now the basic sale is 10% off. Yeah, not so good. Especially Continue reading →

Ya ever have just one of those mornings?

Yeah, well, I’m having one now. I’m indecisive, tired, grouchy, just sick of the weather (when am I not-SoCal weather is much better..but I digress), sick of a cabin-fever’d 4 year old and my darling hubby who thinks video dubbing is all of our idea of fun. Yeah. right. I’m up here watching reruns of Continue reading →

Quilt, day 2.

Lord have Mercy. This thing is driving me bananas. Let’s discuss the debacle…. Since the Monkey was about to give birth to farm animals, I spent most of the day working on it. Oh, did I mention last night I had to put the sucker in time out because I couldn’t take one more second Continue reading →