And let’s make it 2 in a row!

This year, one of my favorite books of the year has made it AGAIN onto the most challenged books list! and that book would be….   HUNGER GAMES.   I’m quite at a loss as to why people give it to children thinking “Oh, it’s popular, so it must be just fine…” and don’t take Continue reading →

Get over yourself already!

I love heading over to youtube and watching the previews for the new season of Sesame Street every year. It’s a blast, because you never know what hilarious gem you’ll find. Last year, it was the Fiest clip with the chickens that tickled me pink for days on end. No, I won’t torture you with Continue reading →

Holy cow-the Supreme Court got it right!

I was parusing through the local paper this morning online and came across an article about how the supreme court ruled in favor of a set of parents who wanted reimbursement for a private education for their special education son. I’m elated. First off, the supreme court got it right-this is not for parents who Continue reading →


So, last night, I was talking with constant Sidekick and she brought up Sunday school for the fall. She’s on the committee, as she’s helping out with some of the stuff. She brought up the fact that they were starting to group the kids, and that Isaac was singled out to “experience Sunday school in Continue reading →

What the…

Yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers, Dooce, was on the Today show. Her appearance was around 10:30 eastern, and unfortunately for poor Heather, she was on with Kathy Me Gifford, talking about Mom Blogging. During the interview, Hoda Kotb , the other hostess, could not get a word in edgewise. Kathy Me monopolized the 6 Continue reading →

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