So, last night, I was talking with constant Sidekick and she brought up Sunday school for the fall. She’s on the committee, as she’s helping out with some of the stuff. She brought up the fact that they were starting to group the kids, and that Isaac was singled out to “experience Sunday school in Continue reading →

IEP aftermath

Yesterday, we had Isaac’s IEP annual review. As y’all know, I’m not the CPSE chair’s biggest fan. I’m not the biggest fan of the Nisky schools IEP team either…but thank GOD ECEC is on our side…and as a team we push for what Isaac needs… Well, the IEP was smooth, and quick and whoah mama…over Continue reading →

Trying Tuesday

As in trying to keep my head on straight and be sane about things! Bah! So, yesterday, Isaac was accompanied home with an accident report where the teachers all have NO CLUE how it happened. Yeah, you read that right. They have NO STINKIN CLUE how it happened. So, I went in for my usual Continue reading →

Thinking it all over

Fair warning: this is long.  I’ve kind of kept quiet about a few things that have gone on around here, in regards to Isaac and his school. This is for two main reasons-first off, I’ve been generally happy this year with the teacher and he’s got the same therapists as last year, so there’s really Continue reading →

The not-so-irate phone call

So, after the evil test proctor made those comments yesterday, I made a phone call this afternoon. Before I did this, I sat and thought it through and thought about if I was an administrator, would I want to hear these things? I know I would.  So, I made the call. I talked to Ms. Continue reading →

What would you do?

First- before I get into the dilemma…I need to answer a question… the class I’m teaching is for preschoolers (and infants on Fridays..) 2 days a week (Tuesday and Friday) and is a basic play and music class. We sing songs, do movement, do stories, all sorts of things. So, here’s the dilemma…today I peeked Continue reading →


Isaac finished his first week back to school at ECEC. Already, I am impressed this year. Let’s take stock, shall we? We got a note EVERY DAY from Tara. She is SUCH a preschool teacher! She loads her notes up with information and positive things…and smiley faces! It’s just adorable. She is SO excited to Continue reading →
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