I think it’s a good idea…

So, as the advisor of Student Council, we do a service project every month….or longer if you count what’s gone on with the soup drive. It’s been pathetic to say the least, and I had to whip my council into shape…but  I digress. One of our fundraisers that we’re doing is “hats on day” and Continue reading →

Bad Answers, round 3

So, after the car accident on Sunday, I decided to be kind and send in an assignment for the kids in my computer class so the teachers covering for me didn’t have to stress on something to do. Seriously. Not fair to the technophobes I work with. So, I went on one of my favorite Continue reading →

Kindergarten? Already?

Here we go again…more f un with East Nowhere School district! Let me get this out in teh open-the school district I live in is considered “Premier.” Personally, based on interactions with the dipwad CSE/CPSE chairperson, I’m not impressed. I see a regular, dysfunctional school district that has yet to really impress me. The other Continue reading →

Student Council Hell

How I get myself into these things, I surely do not know. Seriously. I wonder if it truly is my lack of attention at faculty meetings, where 90% of the items don’t apply to me.   Ahh. The joys of being a “specials” teacher!   This year, I got saddled with Student Council. Normally, not Continue reading →

Chutzpah. Serious Chutzpah.

So, I’m taking the 4th graders on a trip to a local art establishment for a photo taking-art making extravaganza. I had to ask for chaperones. The letter was clear as crystal. I’d take the first 2 in, and they had to have the stupid mandated child abuse training to go. I got two parents Continue reading →

Monday morning yet again.

Here we are, back on Monday. Whoever decided that it was a good thing to make the alarm go off before the sun rises should be strung up. Seriously.   So, today I’m giving another round of tests. I know the one class should be JUST FINE, and the other class…well, the jury’s out. That Continue reading →

The best answers yet

As mentioned previously, I gave 3 classes tests this week. I truly forgot how much I hate grading…and I love project based learning. But I digress.   Today, I was sitting at the ‘bux, grading away after my shift, because lord knows I can’t get that done here. Between Isaac and Doug and the cats Continue reading →

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