Crafty Monday

Fair warning- this is photo heavy… It’s Crafty Monday! So, let’s get started with the photo parade, shall we? First up, is the promised shots of the quilt from He-Double hockey sticks! Here is the fabric that started it all. This is a close up shot… Next, with the “Boogity, boogity, boogity Let’s go racin’!” Border Continue reading →

Hello 5th grade!

Today is the last first day of elementary school for the Shrimper. It was also the first time in his entire elementary career that I dropped him off. He still has a small bit of jet lag from the annual summer trip to Phoenix, so I elected to let him sleep in a bit longer Continue reading →

My Top 10 tips to tackle parenting

It’s summer. I’m in school. I’m working part time (More about that in another post…), so our lives are full of stresses and messes! Seriously. If we get out of the house with all of us clean, ready and without scrambling, it’s a red letter event. A typical morning in our house over the past Continue reading →

Washout Aftermath

In the two weeks since we transitioned Isaac back to Mini Mites, there have been a variety of things that have been going through my head and Isaac’s. First off, Isaac misses his Cross Ice Friends. I knew this would happen, but I thought if we explained everything and did it all with plenty of Continue reading →

When it’s a zoo,what’s one more?

We’ve got cats. We’ve got frogs. Now, please welcome the latest addition to our zoo…. Red, the Guinea Pig! Isn’t he CUTE?! His name? It’s after the fire truck from Cars. So, can you guess who technically owns Red? I’ll give you a hint… Yeah. it’s one more in our zoo of a house, but Continue reading →

Declaring his intentions already

The other day, Isaac and I went to Bombers Burrito Bar because he’d been asking for tacos. He wanted Toxic Bell, but I wanted real food-not 75-80% meat and the rest fillers. Plus, Bombers makes a killer pulled pork burrito/taco/what have you. AND it is a LOCAL joint. But, back to the point. So, this Continue reading →

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