and we’re back live!

We are now in the new house in Niskayuna. My connection is back and running. Line of the week: “These low ceilings in the basement are going to be the death of me!” “I don’t want to hear it. You picked it. Your fault totally.” If you need/want/desire the new addy and phone number, give Continue reading →

It’s a house…

Ok, I haven’t updated in like forever…and I have friends who are telling me that what has happened is grounds for divorce. This is the first time I’ve been cool enough to list all of the items that happened without going into an explitive laden tirade. So, here goes… First, as most people know, Doug Continue reading →

You know you’re back in NY when….

There’s no Spanish on the Radio, but you hear FRENCH. There are thunderstorms, and people call them “boomers.” No one is shocked when you ask how often the power goes out during a thunderstorm. When you have a short wave radio, you can actually get other stations in! You realize that the person speeding beside Continue reading →


Here I am, sitting in Nora’s family room, using my computer. Yes mom, I can use my computer in other people’s houses. I’ll explain it to you later. Now, I realize that I’m only 200-ish miles from home and I’m starting to miss things about California. First, I miss the palm trees. I miss the Continue reading →…oops! i forgot!

So, last night, while I was blogging, I forgot to explain WHAT is..and how that plays into everything. Well, as I was surfing around, I fell onto She lives in Utah, and as she was driving around and saw this billboard that has “Date Lance!” and goes into how to access the website Continue reading →

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