How do I manage this grief?

How do I manage this grief?  I know it has been a while since I have posted anything personal. I have decided to finally share how life has been going for the past few months. Some of you may know that I am a college student, I am a Communications major at Harrisburg Area Community Continue reading →

A day out with Mom and Monkey

Yesterday, Mom (who has had a pass tooooo long here), Monkey and I went to Sesame Street Live. It was quite the experience. Isaac decided he watned to bring Elmo with him. I was a smidge wary of that, because this is the Elmo from Build A Bear, and the find-a-bear tag may not work, Continue reading →

Where is my dancing icon?

Oh, I’m just so thrilled. My classes are OVER! Yes, OVER. I took my last exam yesterday at 12:15. Not bad at all. It makes up for all of the buttcrack of dawn mornings that I spent working on finishing off my papers, exams and all. It didnt’ help that 90 % of my exams Continue reading →