The Look of Love

Ok, it’s a little blury. But take a look at this picture.   I can guarantee y’all can recognize Shrimper. But who is that guy? That would be Coach Pete. Shrimper’s hockey coach. Pete has played and coached for the longest time, and has been with the Cougars program since the beginning. He loves his Continue reading →

Hockey season switcheroo

I’ve written this post and scrapped it several times over the past few weeks, because I didn’t know how I felt about all of this. I wasn’t sure. We started the season in our regular league, in the program we moved Isaac down from last year. Since I went back to working, I didn’t see Continue reading →

Now, for my .02

I know that hockey season is over. Whine. Whine. BUT, I decided that I would talk about this now so none of my crazed Stanley Cup Ranting got involved in this. (Umm..hey DeBoer-can ya please find a way to talk Lou into keeping Adam Oates and Zach Parise? COME ON!  And HEY! Los Angeles Media! Continue reading →

Hockey Weekend in America

I’m back for a second…Michelle from Is That Your Child will be taking over later today…. The fog is lifting…and I just want to shout this from the rooftops!   IT IS HOCKEY WEEKEND IN AMERICA! (no. we’re not happy about this. No.) We love our favorite sport and we love the fact that it Continue reading →

Washout Aftermath

In the two weeks since we transitioned Isaac back to Mini Mites, there have been a variety of things that have been going through my head and Isaac’s. First off, Isaac misses his Cross Ice Friends. I knew this would happen, but I thought if we explained everything and did it all with plenty of Continue reading →

And the season starts…NOW.

In July, we weren’t thinking hockey. AT ALL.  We were vacationing, camping and having a generally awesome time. That was when the email hit us. It went something like this: Dear Cross Ice and Travel Mite Parents, We hope you are having a great summer! Please remember to sign your child up by 7/31 to Continue reading →
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