New Year, New room redo with 3DLIGHTFX

We’re redoing the kid’s room…and since his interests have changed, the room will change too! With the change, comes a new night light. The kid loves his night lights, because he is sensitive to the dark. How much fun is this? Cap just came in and threw his shield in the wall! I love Continue reading →

Say Anything *review and giveaway*

My family is a big fan of games. Holidays are not holidays unless at some point after dinner, a game of SOMETHING breaks out. For years, the game of choice was cutthroat Trivial Pursuit.  We now go for more open ended games, where we can be as absolutely hilarious as possible. Often times, Mom brings PRIZES! Continue reading →

Game Geeks-What’s 10% of 30.00?

I survived Christmas. That’s a whole other blog post, for another time. But, have I survived the post-holiday Game Geeking? Hrm…let today’s latest hilarity be the judge… An older gentleman came in, purchasing 6 Playstation 2 games as well as our discount card. The discount card takes 10% off of all preowned games and accessories. Continue reading →

why I don’t have an xbox

Thursday night, before I went to pick up the boys from their Arizona trip, I went over to  Blogless Renee’s house to geek out and play Rock Band. No, I don’t have it for my Wii, but she’s got it for the xbox 360.  And she’s got drums. Seriously. Drums. The last time I was Continue reading →

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