Holiday Recap

(fair warning-this is photo heavy…) It was a time. Trust me. I’ve got a kid who FINALLY gets the holiday and is really into the fun of it all. So, let’s truck back to the week before Christmas, so I can give you the FULLLL recap. It’s worth it. Trust me. Earlier in December, Mom Continue reading →

The story I was DYING to tell

and that I couldn’t tell until I posted the Bumper Magnet yesterday! So, we’re at the museum, making mastadon buttons, and there’s a family with 2 boys ahead of us. The older boy finishes making his button, and puts it on his jacket. He looks at me and says “Now I’ve got 2 buttons! Wanna Continue reading →

A man’s view on Martha Stewart

So, every year, Doug and I search out the Martha Stewart Holiday specials, because we like to sit and yell at them, and see how she makes the holidays seriously pretentious. Come on. this is the woman who makes mini-latkes (using a RICER) and then tops them with caviar. Ummm…yeah…. So, we stumble upon the Continue reading →


Remember this? The Tiger costume that Nana and Gampy bought Isaac for Halloween? Well, today was the annual Niskayuna District 2 fire company open house and Halloween Party. So, I broke out the Tiger costume, because they encourage kids to dress up! Last year, Isaac’s monkey was a huge hit. So, I get Isaac to Continue reading →

8 random things about me

So, I’ve been tagged twice, once by Maryanne and once by Georgeanne, so I guess I better buck up and do this! Here are the rules…you list 8 random things about you and then tag a few other people to do it, with links to their blog..and leave a comment tht they’ve been tagged…so, here Continue reading →

Twice Boo’d

Someone in my neighborhood had the brilliant idea to start this little thing called  “BOO!” And no, I’m not being sarcastic. This is a really great idea.  What happens is that someone starts it around…and you get this letter and this “scare package.” Then, you pass 2 more scare packages on with the letter to Continue reading →

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