yeah, that’s about what it is. here I am, waiting for my students-I’m only doing a tour for KDG this morning…as well as pre-K. I don’t see Nursery until tomorrow,a nd that’s also just a tour.   I’m still feeling the tired effects of the weekend, as I went to THE wedding. Yep. My uncle’s Continue reading →

Class A, bonafide Web junk…

Oh, heavens above- I just found this little gem on micechat, and figured I’d share this with the world.   The woman who wrote this? Well, she really gets rolling after the first paragraph…and oh, is this the best or what…wait…well, here’s the letter… Dear Mr. Thatcher, I have been a loyal user of your Continue reading →

The perils of Good Friday

So, yesterday, Doug and I (ok, I) decided that it would be a no-cook day. Since it was Good Friday, we decided that Ankers, a local fish and chicken shop,  was our take out of choice. Why Ankers? Well, for those not in the know, Good Friday has a no meat rule. So, I go Continue reading →

Snow and hockey and more snow, oh my!

Yesterday was quite eventful here at Chez E. Nowhere. We got another dang snowstorm. Note to the entity that controls the weather…STOP WITH THE SNOW ALREADY!!! It’s March, and this is getting WICKED old with the shoveling and the broken snow blower…SO QUIT IT. ok. cathartic moment over with. So, I get my butt in Continue reading →

Name the frogs contest winner!

Ok, I’m a day late…We had  big doings yesterday around here! I’ll blog all about that later… First off, Thank you all so much for the neat names for the frogs! We all (including Doug!) spent a lot of time going through them and laughing and trying them on for size. It really is hard Continue reading →

Valentine’s Day, 2008-and a contest

First off, Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Second, Mom-STOP WITH THE BAD PRESENTS!!!  First you do the percussion set, and then you put a STAMP KIT in Isaac’s valentine bag? Oh, brother. What do you think, I have stock in Mr. Clean Magic erasers???  Really…I’ve confiscated it, and it’s hiding so that I can break Continue reading →

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