Friday Fill ins, 8/11/08

. Oh, I can’t wait until I have a quiet moment-it would be sublime. 2.Fresh garlic is the first thing I see when I open my refrigerator. 3. I never leave home without my camera and my reusable mug, in case I get the urge to stop at work for a drink. 4. If I Continue reading →

Friday Fill Ins, 6/27/08

. Birthdays are the most fun when they’re shared with people you care about. 2. Spring  is my favorite season because the snow goes away. seriously. it goes away. 3. I feel my best when I’m able to sleep in a bit. 4. Sushi is my favorite food! 5. First impressions are sometimes dead wrong, but Continue reading →

Friday Fill ins, 5/29/08

1. For me too much conformity is the opposite of creativity. 2.Water for Elephants was the last excellent book I read. 3. I like fill-ins because They’re a blast and it makes my addled brain do a bit of thinking. 4. In nature I like looking at blue skies and whispy clouds. 5.Anyone BUT John McCain should win the Continue reading →

Friday Fill ins, 5/16/08

1. There is absolutely NO way you can get me to really truly enjoy living back in Upstate NY! 2.Longer sunny days reminds me that summer is almost here! 3. I cannot live without my coffee. 4.knitting a shawl without sobbing and sleeping in are two things I’d like to try. 5. When life hands you lemons first Continue reading →

Friday Fill ins, 4/11/08

1. I love springtime in SoCal!! 2. Cold Chinese dumplings and cold gnocchi are foods I love to eat for breakfast. 3. It seems I’m always searching for a quiet space in this noisy house 4.Snuggling with the Monkey is a great way to end the day. 5. I think I need a day off! 6. Steamed clams is what I’ve been Continue reading →

Friday Fill ins, 3/28/08

(It’s 15 minutes till midnight. It’s STILL FRIDAY!) 1. Some relationships are meant to be insanely fleeting-but for a reason. 2. Dave Matthews Band  is the last concert I saw; it was Absolutely flipping awesome. 3. Spring should be here by now, and not all of this dag burn snow. 4. Oh no! I forgot Knittymuggins Continue reading →

Friday Fill ins, 3/21/08

Friday Fill ins (get yours here) 1. Watching something come out perfectly is so exciting! 2. Strawberry fields Forever. 3. That steak and peaches combo on Top Chef sounds like it would taste delicious! 4. Why does crafting make me feel so good?! 5.The Great wall of China is something I’ve always wanted to see. 6. It’s sad when I think about Continue reading →

Friday Fill-Ins, 3/14/08

Friday Fill-Ins #63 1. Contact may cause Brain Damage. 2. The parties hereto do mutually agree that sleep is overrated, especially in times of medical drama. 3. Disney parks Rock! Especially when you can speak fluent CM (that’s Cast Member for all of you non disney working people). 4. A Bomb Pop sounds really good right about Continue reading →

Friday Fill ins, 4/7/08

In the wake of the stitch marker disaster…y’all thought I forgot! I didn’t! 1. Ahhhh, it’s so nice to have a dull moment. 2. One of my favorite things on my desk or bureau is My frog wall stickers. Then, there’s the frog tank right next to my desk. 3. Japanese Cherry Blossom equals spring Continue reading →

Friday Fill ins, 2/29/08

Friday Fill-Ins #61 1. I’m looking forward to Visiting Pine Bush ECEC next week. 2. I don’t handle being the only one who takes care of all of the “messes” around here very well. 3. Chinese food is something I could eat every day. 4. Warmth and sunlight where are you?? This winter is going Continue reading →

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