A Doug Update

I have one sore DH. He’s doing pretty well…exhausted, sore and feeling like he was run over by a mack truck, but doing well. He’s been up and walking around, and he’s got a PCA pump that he hits to control pain. The catheter’s out, and he’s more comfy without it. Still no food/drink because Continue reading →

Read for the Record!

Jumpstart is having their annual Read for the Record campaign on the 20th.  This year’s book?  The Story of Ferdinand the Bull. This is a book I adored growing up. Mom loved it too. This line proves it: Mom: “you know, there were a few books I hated as you two were growing up, but that Continue reading →

and that’s REALLY visiting Gram.

Today is Grandparents’ day. Yes, Hallmark Holiday, but geez, if there’s time to celebrate your grandparents, why not? So, over at Teresian House, they had a “Disney Musical Revue” for all of the residents and their families. It was quite nice. Mom took Isaac for most of it, and that was a HUGE break for Continue reading →

The day after

We had one heck of a Christmas here. Christmas with a 2.5 year old is always interesting. He had more fun, and got two tons of his beloved cars. The train table that my mom and dad got him was a HUGE hit. He now runs back and forth from the living room to the Continue reading →

Whining in suburbia

so, last night, finally sick of freezng my tailbone off to stay comfy, I called mom and dad and whined to them that I dind’t have a heating pad. They looked, and found they had one! WHOOPIE!!!! So, as I was talking to my dad, he said “well, god, you live so far away!” WELL Continue reading →

But he doesn’t LOOK Latin!!

I decided to “culturally enrich” Isaac today by taking him to Latin Fest in Washington Park. We did a lot of wandering around, listening to the bands…especially the salsa one that was playing…and I came VERY close to entering the Salsa contest. Why didn’t I? No partner, and my family (my mom and dad) have Continue reading →

Family Apathy 2006

It’s been one of those days. It’s a day where the obvious cracks in the family show. Hardcore. First, let’s begin with my mom. She spent a lot of time before I moved here detailing how she was going to be SOOO much help, ect. Yeah, that really happened. Today, I asked her to take Continue reading →


I guess it’s just one of those days. I’m to the point where I’m sick of forms, stress and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Today, I got up, called CSR, and then called Isaac’s new day care and played 20 questions. My finanical aid is ready, but I can’t get Continue reading →

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