New Year, New room redo with 3DLIGHTFX

We’re redoing the kid’s room…and since his interests have changed, the room will change too! With the change, comes a new night light. The kid loves his night lights, because he is sensitive to the dark. How much fun is this? Cap just came in and threw his shield in the wall! I love Continue reading →

I think it’s a good idea…

So, as the advisor of Student Council, we do a service project every month….or longer if you count what’s gone on with the soup drive. It’s been pathetic to say the least, and I had to whip my council into shape…but  I digress. One of our fundraisers that we’re doing is “hats on day” and Continue reading →

A man’s view on Martha Stewart

So, every year, Doug and I search out the Martha Stewart Holiday specials, because we like to sit and yell at them, and see how she makes the holidays seriously pretentious. Come on. this is the woman who makes mini-latkes (using a RICER) and then tops them with caviar. Ummm…yeah…. So, we stumble upon the Continue reading →

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