And then the wheels fell off

There comes a point in every special needs parent’s life where you come to the proverbial fork in the road. You can either stay the course you are on or you decide to trudge a new course.   I’m at that fork.   This week, the wheels fell off at school. I’m talking defiance, refusal Continue reading →

What? No Handshake?

So, this week, I was going through my news and I saw an article that pretty much boiled my blood.   Yeah, they’re taking away the HANDSHAKE LINE after high school sporting events. As a sports parent, I really have to sound off on this.   I think this is one of the dumbest things Continue reading →

Now, for my .02

I know that hockey season is over. Whine. Whine. BUT, I decided that I would talk about this now so none of my crazed Stanley Cup Ranting got involved in this. (Umm..hey DeBoer-can ya please find a way to talk Lou into keeping Adam Oates and Zach Parise? COME ON!  And HEY! Los Angeles Media! Continue reading →


 Not that I condone fascism, or any -ism for that matter. -Ism’s in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, “I don’t believe in Beatles, I just believe in me.” Good point there. After all, he was the walrus. I Continue reading →

I went to the movies and…

I sat in front of some of the most obnoxious people ever.   I have this track record at movie theaters of getting in front of the most idiotic people on the face of the planet. I swear. I must have a “IDIOTS SIT HERE!!” sign over my head pointing either in front of or Continue reading →

Come on, Time Magazine!

This year has had no shortage of big personalities that would have been awesome for their annual Person of the Year. The list included people like the  Chilean Miners , Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart as well as Julian Assange. I’m sorry. I can’t get behind time’s choice this year. Mark Zuckerberg? Really? The founder Continue reading →

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