Have a family game night with LINKEE!


I was provided with a copy of the game LINKEE to facilitate this review. All thought expressed below are my own honest opinion.

I love games, board games, card games, games of strategy, critical thinking, you name it I will most likely play it. My coat closet is filled with games instead of coats if that give you any idea of how much I love games. Games bring people together to have fun, talk, and enjoy each others company. Games help bring a family together for a game night when we all have hectic lives with work and school. That’s why when I find new interesting games I love to give them a try.

I was very excited to give LINKEE a try so once it arrived I made a game day for some friends to come over since this game is for ages 14+ some younger kids might, and will have a hard time playing LINKEE.


What is LINKEE:

LINKEE is a trivia game that uses cards. These cards all have 4 questions on them that lead to the answer. The Questions all have a common link that, when put together give you the correct answer. Each LINKEE card has a letter on it that you use to spell out LINKEE to win the game.


LINKEE is easy to set up all you need is a volunteer to be the Question Master which was not hard to find when we played because everyone wanted to give being the QM a try since the QM get to be a little bossy, and reads out the questions. Next the rest of the players split up into teams. Each teams gets a pencil, paper, and the trading Rules all of which comes with the game. To get the game started the Question Master pulls a LINKEE card out, and starts with question one, but does not reveal the answer to the question. If a team thinks they know the link (answer) then they shout LINKEE to answer. If they get the answer correct they get to collect that card if they get it wrong or no one answers the Question Master continues down the questions until someone answers it correctly. Simple right?


Collect the LINKEE letters! Every time you guess the link you get to collect that card. You want to collect all the letters to spell out LINKEE. If you happen to win more than 1 of the same letter you can trade your cards by either trading 2 in and taking a card from the opponent ( which is a good strategy if they are close to winning). Or you can trade in 3 cards to the QM to choose the letter you would like.


I really enjoyed playing LINKEE and so did my guests. I will definitely continue to play this game, and I think it’s perfect for family get together’s over the Holiday season. Sometimes sitting around can get a bit boring, and LINKEE will help keep you, and your family entertained for hours. Check out LINKEE and buy it HERE.



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13 thoughts on “Have a family game night with LINKEE!

  1. I’d rather guess than be the question master! Games like this are fun, plus you learn.

  2. Linkee does sound like a great family game although I think my boys would totally cheat. 🙂

  3. This looks like a cool game. Might have to pick up a copy for family game night with my parents.

  4. my kids are below 14 but my 10 year old daughter loves board games, Im sure she will like this one.

  5. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That sounds like a super fun game!! I want to get it for our game nights!

  6. Ha! I love that they have a video to show you how to play! I hate trying to read rules and figure out how to play.

  7. I love trivia! This would be so much fun!

  8. sounds like a very interesting game!

  9. This sounds like a great game for family night and educational!

  10. I would love to play a game like this. However…getting people to play these type of games with me is like pulling molars. Seriously…there is more to life than Sorry and Gin Rummy.

  11. Looks like a great addition to family game night!

  12. Every year we buy a new game to add to our collection. We love to play games with family at Christmas. I am going to have to pick this one up

  13. We always buy my parents a new game for Christmas. This is a perfect idea, thanks for sharing!

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