Splash Pals – The Math and Memory game from Winning Moves!



 Disclaimer: I received Splash Pals cards to review. Even though I received this product for review all opinions and thoughts listed below are my own honest opinions.

We recently had a Winning Moves Game Day in our house, and with little ones included in our game day fun we could not forget about them!

That’s where Splash Pals from Winning Moves comes into play! Splash Pals is a fun card game for kids! These waterproof, washable cards combine math and fun to make this a great game for just about anywhere.

Splash Pals are Floating cards that can be played in the bath, pool, and outside. You can play Splash Pals anywhere since they are WASHABLE and WATERPROOF! So now you no longer need to worry about dirty hands touching the cards since you can wipe them off without ruining them.


To play Splash Pals the 36 waterproof cards are shuffled. While shuffling make sure to separate the heads, waists, and legs into three separate piles. Once that is complete each player takes a turn completing a combination on the tub wall or in our case table. All the cards have numbers on them, and the player that creates a Splash Pal with the highest point value gets all of the cards. Once one player has control of  all the Splash Pal cards the game is over.


My daughter, and her friend did not play by the Splash Pals rules, but they sure did have fun. They enjoyed making new Splash Pals creations. I often heard them giggling about how silly they were being putting robot legs on a ballerina or giving the astronaut an alien head.


Whether your children plays by the Splash Pals rules or make up rules of their own they are sure to have creative fun.

Splash Pals would make and excellent stocking stuffer with it’s fun, and exciting themes. So go check out Splash Pals to help fill your kiddos stocking this year!


Want to learn more about Splash Pals? Well go check it out HERE!

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17 thoughts on “Splash Pals – The Math and Memory game from Winning Moves!

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    This sounds awesome. My little guy definitely struggles in math, so this would help him I’m sure.

  2. Fantastic…anything that gets kids to learn gets my attention

  3. These look so cute. They would be great for the church toddler area.

  4. Elizabeth O. says:

    What a fun game with kids! Definitely perfect for parties. It’s really nice to have activities that exercise their minds.

  5. Oh, that would be oodles of fun to put them together in all kinds of ways! And with or without the rules works for me too.

  6. waterproof, washable cards are so cool! i would have loved these in the bath when i was little

  7. This is a fun game for kids. I want this for my son when he is 3 year old

  8. Sounds like a really fun play set for kids! It would be awesome to take during bath time, lol.

  9. Sounds like a great resource to help those who struggle with math. I might have to get one for myself! 🙂

  10. what a great way to learn, having fun helps it stay in their memory and while sometimes studying facts is very hard to get little ones to do this looks like they would love to join in

  11. I love that the cards are waterproof. Makes doing fractions when you spill your glass of milk so much better. 😉

  12. What a fun games indeed. I want this for my little one’s.

  13. looks so much fun for kids.

  14. looks so much fun for kids.

  15. Educational and at the same time a fun games, Wow this is really perfect for my kiddos.

  16. These look like fun! I always used to love having things to play with in the bathtub and I would stay in there forever! I bet my nieces and nephews would like these!

  17. Anyway to keep the children invested in learning always fantastic

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