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Disclaimer: I received Big Boggle to review. Even though I received this all thoughts written below are my own honest opinion.


 Last weekend I invited a few friends over to have a Winning Moves Game Day, and we had a fun filled day of games!

One of the games we were played was Big Boggle. Big Boggle is the same classic game as the original Boggle just bigger!

Bigger Grid, Bigger Cubes, Longer Words, and Bigger fun! I myself have not played a game of Boggle in a long time so I was extremely excited to take on a game of Big Boggle.

With Big Boggle it’s pretty simple to play. You shake up the 25 letter cubes, and try to spot as many hidden words as you can. You have 2 minutes to find as many uinque words that no one else has written down. Big Boggle even includes a “double letter” cube that features the six most important 2-letter combinations in the English language, making it easier to form longer words!


Now it’s time for us to play Big Boggle! Big Boggle is for 2+ players and the recommended age is 8 and up since you do need to know how to form words. We started off play with myself, and the two younger boys who were visiting for game day. They for sure thought they had this game in the bag, but even 12 year olds have a hard time finding the long words that adults know.


The Scoring is based on how long your word is. 4 letter words are 1 point, 5 letters are 2 points ect ect. You can include handicaps while playing Big Boggle. One of the handicaps we used with the kids is that they can find 3 letter words. What they found out by only looking for those 3 letter words is that since the boys were looking for just those they ended up coming up with a lot of the same answers. If someone has the same word as you then neither player with that word gets a point.


My daughter decided she wanted to give Big Boggle a go once she saw how much fun we were having. I would have to say Big Boggle was a hit for our Winning Moves game day. I love the strategy behind it, and the kids liked finding words know one else did. In my opinion Big Boggle is a great game to play to keep your mind sharp because with only 3 minutes to find words you have to be sharp and quick.

Big Boggle would make a great gift this Holiday season to anyone that loves a good unique game, and for only $20.95 you get your money’s worth of fun! So go check out Big Boggle HERE, and buy it for yourself or a friend!


Want to learn more about Big Boggle? Well go check it out HERE!

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3 thoughts on “Big Boggle – The World Famous Word Game!

  1. How fun! I used to LOVE playing boggle in my childhood. I need to find Big Boggle and relive my memories 🙂

  2. I need to find Big Boggle the next time I am out and about. I loved playing this game when I was younger and I know my family will enjoy playing this game as well. It’s a great game to play with family and friends.

    • We had a ton of fun playing Big Boggle, and I think it’s great that their are child friendly rules for shorter words.

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