Read, Dream, Play, Repeat with Addie and George!


We are HUGE fans of literature and Sci Fi things here. It’s really not a shock that a lot of the Shrimper’s gifts this year are going to be Sci Fi related or some sort of book.

AND did I mention the Shrimper’s room is in transition AGAIN?!

The colors are staying the same and the wall decor is changing…and the blankets…well, that’s a whole other story.

So, when I’m looking for wall decor and other things to make the Sci Fi room of my Shrimp’s dreams come true, I like to find things that are different, fun and show off his flair for the creative.

Enter Addie and George.

Addie and George are a brother and sister team that love to dress up as their favorite characters from books and have outdoor adventures. Created and designed by Carey Bunker of Brandon, Vermont, Addie and George can be found in a series of amazing art prints and other awesome book inspired products. The line of Addie and George products are intended to help spark imagination in kids and a love of reading, as well as get them outside to create their own adventures.

Carey was amazing enough to send Shrimper and I a Doctor Who inspired print of Addie and George!


which we immediately framed and put up!

Usually, Carey recommends floating the print in a mat in an 8×10 frame, but since we had small wall space, we opted not to float it, instead using a simple, black frame to let the print show off!

The print is on a felt stock, and are amazingly vivid with their colors.

Shrimper was extremely excited that the print featured all of his favorite things about Doctor Who-

Addie as a Weeping Angel (Don’t blink!!)


Ace the dog as K9 (AFFIRMATIVE!)


and George as the Shrimper’s Favorite Doctor- #10 (Bow ties are cool!) with the TARDIS


and the quote- “The Dreamer of Improbable Dreams”

It all comes together to make one outstanding print…

Here’s a shot sans frame:


He immediately hung it over his bed in a place of honor.

So, you say you’re not a Doctor Who Fan…

Well, Addie and George have other fun prints for you…

Like Alice in Wonderland, and Katniss Everdeen and friends!

Also, I am totally head over heels (and probably ordering one for me…) of the pillows with Addie and George’s motto: Read, Dream, Play, Repeat.

Yeah, I’m a big kid. But hey-I spend a lot of time reading and dreaming..and as a child, it was a repetitive thing. Perfect!

AND for the people who aren’t admitted “never grow up” people, there are amazing jewelry pieces that are perfect.

My favorite one is the Golden Compass inspired one.

If you are looking for a gift for the book person or creative one in your life, you can’t go wrong with Addie and George! Price points range from 5.00 for bookmarks to 79.oo for a bookmark, print, pillow and tote set.

Check them out here!

16 thoughts on “Read, Dream, Play, Repeat with Addie and George!

  1. Oh, I am adoring that Doctor Who print! I will definitely be checking out their website! 🙂

  2. Sci Fi is a hit here too! That Doctor Who print just sets it all off! I need to check in on this! Thank you for a superb review!

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Dr Who is awesome and it’s so cool that you get the one with the Tardia 🙂 I love it.

  4. So cute! I like the Alice in wonderland one!

  5. I’m like one of the few people who never got into it; I tried but just wasn’t crazy over Dr. Who.

  6. Cool! i am going to check out the site.. we are always looking to fill up some wall space.

  7. It’s really a nice print! I actually like how you framed it a lot.

  8. Oh my, my family would LOVE this! Everyone here are dedicated Whovians (except for me … but we don’t talk about that). 🙂

  9. Oh what an awesome gift to receive! My daughter loves Sci-Fi stuff too, we will have to check it out!

  10. One of my best friends love Doctor Who I will let her know about this!

  11. Oh! My sister would love these items as she is a HUGE Dr. Who fan.

  12. I’m a dog lover, so I think the pooch is too adorable. I used to watch old-school Dr. Who when I was a kid (not by choice), but it was still interesting.

  13. that is such a cute gift. who wouldn’t love receiving that.

  14. This is so cute! I know I would love to receive that to hang up!

  15. Thanks so much for all of the kind words- we’re have a FLASH SALE today (12/6) only- use code save25 to save 25% off your order!!

  16. Very cute..i love it!!!

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