Stuff your Stockings with Connect 4 & More! Holiday Gift Guide Review!



Disclaimer: I receive product to review in order to write this post. Even though I was compensated my review written below is my own honest opinion.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Games!! If you looked in my coat closet you would see that there are no coats in there. My coat closet is filled with games. From board games to card games and puzzles. You can say I am a bit game obsessed lol.

This weekend we had a Winning Moves Game Day at our house with friends, and family. One of the games we played was Connect 4 & More. Connect 4 & More was a hit with the kids, and adults. Connect 4 & More is the classic game of Connect 4 with a twist of it’s own.


With Connect 4 and More you use tiles, and a flat surface to play. There are 6 fun ways to play Connect 4 & More.


You can play Connect 4 & More as the classic 2 player game. With this version of play you want to connect 4 of your colored tiles in a row to win. Sounds easy right? Well guess again! This game of strategy, and luck has a bit of a twist to it. Each colored tile has four borders, and the boarders are different colors. In order to connect your tiles together the color of the edges must match all adjacent touching sides.


You can also play Connect 4 & More with teams. In this version team players took turns playing their tiles, and if a member of your team can not lay a tile down then they would have to pass it off to bottom of the tile deck for the other player on the team. We also played backwards connect 4 & More as teams. When you play this version you need to use a whole new strategy. With Connect 4 & More Backwards version the first person to connect 4 loses. So you want to avoid getting 4 of your colored tiles in a row while trying to get your opponent to connect 4 of their own color.

Overall this was a fun, and entertaining game for the kids and adults. It combines strategy, and luck along with bringing friends and family together.

Connect 4 & More will make a great stocking stuffer this year for Christmas at a low price of $6.95. So instead of filling that stocking with candy fill it with a fun game the whole family will enjoy!

Want to learn more about Connect 4 & more? Well go check it out HERE!

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19 thoughts on “Stuff your Stockings with Connect 4 & More! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

  1. christi griffing says:

    love connect four, played it growing up

  2. L8ve connect 4

  3. Daisy Carrrasco says:

    Awesome Game! Great for traveling 🙂

  4. Pamela Kumfer says:

    Love jenga don’t think my grand daughters have ever played it

  5. CrystalBrown says:

    I love connect 4 and so do my children!

  6. I have always loved this game!!!

  7. Love connect four

  8. Cindy Kuykendall says:

    I love Connect Four

  9. Angelica Pickney says:

    I loved playing connect 4 as a kid and still do!

  10. This looks like fun!

  11. Teres Criddle says:

    Awesome game, love it !!

  12. awesome fun game :0)

  13. loved this game growing up. My brothers, sisters and I would play it for hours.

  14. How can you not love Connect Four and now a new way to play!! So cool!!

  15. looks cool

  16. melissa leyh says:

    I love playing connect 4, lately my daughter has been going to the hospital for rehab for pt, and we get breaks and have been playing connect 4:) this is our new favorite:)

  17. interesting spin on Connect 4

  18. I love playing Connect 4.

  19. Danielle quintana says:

    Love connect 4 great game for the kids!!

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