Amazing metal prints with Adorama Pix

I received a metal print from Adorama Pix to facilitate my honest review of their services. No other compensation was received, and all opinions are mine and mine alone.

So…I take a lot of pictures.  So many that only live on my computer or phone or online. There are some…that I’ve taken that I want to display…but how?

Enter AdoramaPix ‘s metal prints!

The system is so insanely easy to use-you can authorize it to get your photos from any of your social media accounts or your computer.

One of my favorite photos is this one:


I took this in New Orleans from a steamboat cruise. This building is the Rice Mill Flats. It’s got quite an amazing story.

So, living in New York, I don’t have the luxury of seeing this amazing reminder whenever I want, so this was a photo I wanted memorialized in my house-a reminder of one of the most amazing trips.


I pulled the picture from my Instagram account and made a few small edits…and took their suggestions-

The awesome people at AdoramaPix will suggest what kind of finish and what type of metal-white or silver-will work best for your photo and size. We were told to use the white, especially with the 11×14 rectangle we selected.

The photo now looks like this:


The colors are vivid and rich…it perfectly captures the building that I saw from the 2nd deck of the steamboat!

The floating wood back made it easy to hang and also came with a bracket if we wanted to go that route in hanging it.

The fact that the colors look phenomenal with our creamy colored walls is just a bonus. On top of that-it is a perfect reminder of my beautiful New Orleans trip!

Prices range from $25.00-95.00 for the prints. They have canvas, framed prints as well as books.

I can’t wait to order from AdoramaPix again!

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