Dangers Lurking in your car that you probably don’t think about – Your GPS and Family Decals!


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First I want to say that safety is important to me. There are 2 Dangers Lurking in your car that you probably don’t think about. The GPS on your dashboard, and the Family Decals on the back of your car. Some examples below are just that examples. I am posting this to help spread awareness on the dangers lurking in your car that you may not even think about.

Have you ever stopped to think about what you put on, and in your car? I know I do, and there is one huge fad that I have seen skyrocket. Stick Figure Family Decals! You can get them in all sorts of shapes, sizes, themes, with or without names ect the choices are endless. I know they are cute, and sure I have thought about getting them myself, but then I stop to think….. “Can this effect my family in a negative way?”

Yes these items could affect my family and could cause potential dangers to their well-being.

Who knew that these innocent and cute looking family decals could have such a big impact? Let me ask you a question. Would you ever go up to a random stranger and tell them how many kids you have and how many adults are in your household? How about how many pets you have, what kind of pets you have, and the names of your family members? You more than likely would say no.

Well did you ever think that you are doing exactly that? By placing those fun innocent looking family decals on your car you are telling anyone and everyone who sees your car exactly who and what is in your home. Let’s take a look at an example below:


What do you see and can conclude about this family just by looking at the photo above? I can tell you that there are 2 adults and 2 young children in this house. The sons name is Jonah and the daughters name is Izzie, the mothers name is Tina, and the father’s name is Pete. They have a dog named Merlin as well as a cat named Tigger. Now let me explain how this is one of the Dangers Lurking in your car and just what someone could do with the information. First off, they will know that you have 2 kids in your family. Since they know the names of your children, they could go to the school after you drop them off or while they are waiting on you to pick them up and use their names claiming that you had sent them to pick up the children due to some circumstances. They could also go to your neighborhood and walk up to them knowing their names and cause harm in some way.

So is your car in the driveway with those family decals on it? Let’s say it is late at night and they want to rob your house or hurt your family. By those family decals you have on your car, they see that you have a dog. That dog will be their first priority to take care of. They will get themselves ready to deal with your dog. They know his name is Merlin so they could call him by his name in hopes of making him seem as a friendly and wanted person in the home, but in case that does not work, I am sure they will think of alternative ways of dealing with the family dog. As we can see, these stickers and such other items that contain very sensitive information that are in or on our cars are very dangerous. Without going into detail, the affects that these cute decals and sometimes necessary electronic devices we have in our cars could cause our worst nightmares.

Scary situation right?


Now let’s take a look at this photo above. Here we have a single mother of two young children. A son Darnell, and daughter Shanice. This family decal also includes a funny shadow person with the caption “Hiring Now” for a man. I have just learned that there is no man in this household, and that Mom is looking for one. The same concept as the previous picture goes for this one, but it’s even more dangerous because you are advertising that mom is home alone which makes it easier to cause harm since there are no other adults to help. Maybe I see this decal, and I am a crazy man that likes to harm children. Well I know she is looking for a boyfriend/man so I can “bump” into mom after seeing this, and be nice. I will be the perfect gentleman until she lets me into her home…..

I know some might say “Well it’s just examples of what could happen”. Hey if you want the world to know who lives in your home that’s on you. You are putting yourself and family at risk. Do you want strangers knowing your child’s name? I may not have named all the ways that the family decals on your car could be a danger. Even if it was a 1 in 10,000 chance that those decals could be the reason for harm coming to you…. is it worth the risk?


Now I will talk about why your GPS is one of the Dangers Lurking in your car.

Everyone has a GPS whether it’s one you put on your dashboard, on your phone or even installed in the car you drive. The GPS is a great tool to use to help get from point A to point B without being lost. One thing we all use is the Home button. Need to get home from somewhere then all you need to do is it Home, and since your address is installed it will take you straight there.

The GPS is one of the dangers you may not think about, but is always present. Your GPS does have your address in it, and it is easy to just click that Home button. Now think about the fact that 2,500+ cars stolen per day. That’s almost 2 cars a minute! Say your car is stolen or someone breaks into it. What is one of the first things they will take? Your GPS it’s there easy to take & worth a few buck.

Let’s say you live in a house with a garage. Your garage opener is in your car. Someone steals your car that has a GPS in it. What would happen if that car thief hit the home button? Your GPS would take the thief straight to your house, and the garage door opener in your car is easy access into your house. Even if someone just broke into your car, and stole your GPS that home button can still take them to your house.

So I would recommend something for you that is simple. You know how to get to your house from a few blocks down the road so set up your home address to a few blocks away or a store that is close by. It will help you by keeping you safe, and if your car is ever stolen or broken into you won’t have to worry about the GPS giving the thief your address.

That is all for today folks! Keep in mind the Dangers Lurking in your car!

11 thoughts on “Dangers Lurking in your car that you probably don’t think about – Your GPS and Family Decals!

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I hate those stick figure stickers with a passion, so I am covered there, but I never thought about the GPS. Great point.

  2. I’ve never been one for the family figure decals. They are cute and all, but it seems like a riding advertisement about your family to everyone. lol…I had never thought about the Home button on a GPS!

  3. Great post on GPS too. We don’t put any stickers on our car ^_^

  4. I could not agree more about hating those stick figures! Right up there with embroidering your kid’s name on their backpack. T

  5. Great reminder about being safety minded! We don’t always remember how dangerous those innocent, fun looking things can be.

  6. I love these points. I shared this with my mom network because it brings so much awareness, especially about the GPS!

  7. These are very good points to make. I never noticed that those decals had family names on them. Also, I did not even think about the GPS dangers. I know when we rent a car when traveling and use the GPS, we always erase the history.

  8. Hadn’t thought of it! but you bring up good points to reflect on

  9. Oh my gosh! I’ve been watching a lot of Criminal Minds lately and this is the kind of stuff they would really think about. Wow! I had never thought about it but you’re so right! Decals thing is … oh wow! And yes, you’re right about the GPS. My husband took the home option off the first time he lost our other GPS. Great post and great way to let us be aware!

    • Thank you. I watch a lot of crime shows & they always have me thinking about satey. NCIS being a favorite since I did spend time in the Navy 🙂 I just want to help spread the word on how dangerous these simple items can be to those that use them.

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