“Two Adults and A Raccoon, Please!”

I was provided with a Rocket Raccoon mask to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions here are mine and mine alone. 

It’s no secret that my house is a bunch of huge Marvel fans. There wasn’t even a question on IF we would go see Guardians of the Galaxy-it was a WHEN. It was last week that we finally had the time. We were all home and decided it was time to pay a visit to our favorite theater to see Star Lord and company.

Now, from the word go, Shrimper has this fascination with Rocket Raccoon.  The little mercenary was immediately a family favorite-fast talking, silly and generally a good raccoon deep down. Plus, he hangs with Groot. Heck! I want to hang with Groot!

So, when We got the opportunity to try out the Rocket Raccoon mask, we jumped.

Shrimper was away for a few days, so we had to wait to see the movie and even try the mask.

When we did, it became instant that this would be the go to toy for the rest of the week, at the very least.

The mask is HEAVY. It’s a thick plastic that holds up to the worst of beatings. That’s a bonus with us, because the Shrimp puts toys and things through their paces.  It straps on with a t-shape adjustable strap that makes adjusting for smaller (and larger) heads easy. Shrimper’s head is on the small side, so it was a bit of a trick getting it just right, but when we did..it was awesome. The straps hold insanely well and again, are super durable.

So, Shrimp threw it on and off we went to the theater. What I didn’t realize is that once it is on, and it’s snugged up to the jaw of the person wearing it, and you open your jaw, the mask goes from this


to this


Hence-it moves with the movement of your jaw.


So, we get to the theater, and Shrimper goes to purchase the tickets, all the while, getting smiles and “isn’t that the best?!” comments from others around him.

This is how he ordered our tickets:

“Two adults and one raccoon for Guardians of the Galaxy. I’d also like two kids packs with slushies please!”

After the clerk got over the giggles at the realistic Rocket mask, she serviced the Raccoon.

The mask retails for 19.99 and is well worth the price. It is really well made and again, holds up to a ton of abuse. Shrimp has already worn the mask pretty much everywhere in the neighborhood and he’s planning on being Rocket for Halloween. I need to figure out how to be either StarLord or Groot so we can go trick or treating together. Hey-when you’re with Rocket you need to join the fun and help guard the galaxy.

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10 thoughts on ““Two Adults and A Raccoon, Please!”

  1. That is a super cute mask! And I love that it also moves, you don’t see that a lot.

  2. That mask is kind of cute. My nephew would like that.

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Oh man, I have two boys that would have a field day with a mask like that. How cool!

  4. That looks awesome! Our four boys would have a blast with that!!

  5. I actually remember seeing this mas at the Hasbro Toy Fair party back in February, it looks so cool! Rocket Raccoon is awesome!

  6. Super adorable! If you can’t tell from my site, I’m a huge nerd and love Guardians of the Galaxy!

  7. I love the mask, it’s so cute. i can’t wait to see guardians 🙂

  8. Hmmmm…..I’ve never heard of rocket raccoon before. I guess we need to see this movie! Great mask though, very realistic!

  9. That is definitely a cool mask. My daughter would love it.

  10. That’s a nice mask and so timely with GOTG being so popular! I hope they are available here.

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