Two Disney Parks Getting New Star Wars Land Themed Expansions!

Star Wars Land at Disney!

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The Disney rumor mill has been swirling for months about the possibility of new Star Wars land attractions being added to the Disney theme parks.
Walt Disney Company Chairman and CEO Bob Iger finally confirmed what Disneyphiles had been assuming all along when he took the stage at the 2015 D23 Expo in Anaheim, California sending 7,500 fans into an immediate social media frenzy.
Yes! The rumors are true. Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando Florida and Disneyland park in California will be receiving new Star Wars themed land.
What do we know so far about these new Star Wars Land additions?
– The expansions will clock in at 14 acres each on both coasts.
– This project will take the lead as being Disney’s largest single themed land expansion in the company’s history. The recent Fantasyland expansion in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom was only 11 acres.
– There will be two new signature attractions added. Both Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios will receive the new additions.
– One attraction will offer guests a battle experience between the First Order and the Resistance.
– The other attraction puts guests at the helm of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon while en route on a secret mission.
– You will be able to take home a piece of the action at the “Star Wars Launch Bay” which will likely be located inside the recently closed “The Magic of Disney Animation” building at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Disneyland’s “Star Wars Launch Bay” will be located in Tomorrowland. Here guests will also be treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.
These two new signature attractions join “Star Tours – The Adventures Continue” in both Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland.
Along with the announcement, Iger also offered up magnificent concept art for the actual layout of the Star Wars land, the “Star Wars Launch Bay” and the Millennium Falcon attraction.
unnamed (2)
Millennium Falcon
unnamed (3)
Star Wars Launch Bay

So how about you? Are you ready to be transported to a galaxy far, far away?

22 thoughts on “Two Disney Parks Getting New Star Wars Land Themed Expansions!

  1. So awesome! I cannot wait 🙂

  2. Krystal Miller (@hhtfamilyblog) says:

    So excited for this! I may finally get my husband to agree to a disney parks trip.

  3. as a previous disneyland & disney world cast member i really feel for the workers who will have to deal with the complaints about construction and the closures that will happen due to construction. fantastic at disneyland won’t happen for at least one year and i’m sad about big thunder ranch closing down. however, walt said “disneyland will never be completed it will continue to grow as long as their is imagination left in the world” and i am excited to visit star wars land when it opens. i’m a disneyland local so i’m more excited about it here

  4. My son is going to Disney this month. He would love to see this

  5. Elizabeth O. says:

    Aren’t we lucky! I love Star Wars and it’s awesome that they are getting their own haven inside a Disney park! It’s really so cool!

  6. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, but I do like that it has such a devoted fan base! I’m sure Disney will have huge success with adding it to their theme parks.

  7. I’m not really a big Star Wars fan but this sounds like fun for those that are.

  8. This is exciting!!

  9. The little boy that I look after is obsessed with Star Wars in fact he has a Star Wars Advent Calendar and is going to see the new film when it comes out. I have always wanted to go to Disneyland.

  10. This company has lived up to its legacy

  11. I had heard this, and it’s pretty exciting! A good reason for me to plan that next trip to Cali….

  12. Really have to add another trip to Disney – this time with my granddaughter – on my bucket list. Thanks for this update.

  13. I am sure many more people will be attracted to the parks after this

  14. We are huge Star Wars fans. I am so excited to see Star Wars at Disney.

  15. It’ll be interesting to see if the integrity of Star Wars remains honest with this new ownership. I’m hoping so.

  16. Star Wars is everywhere – it’s going to be a huge hit I’m sure. I have not seen anything other than the first movie.

  17. I bet many people was love to go there. Such a fun place to visit

  18. Well, I’m glad that this is not just a rumor. My family is a huge fan of Star Wars. I can’t wait!

  19. Oh I do think this would be fun. And Disney really knows how to do these things up.

  20. Woah. star wars, I can’t wait. I’m so excited.

  21. We’re hoping to plan a Disney trip for late next year. Maybe some of this expansion will be ready??

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