Join the pirate crew at #BuccaneerBeach at Six Flags Great Escape!

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the grand opening of Buccaneer Beach at Six Flags Great Escape as a member of the VIP Media Team. All opinions are my own (and Shrimper’s!)


Spending any time around the Circus, you’d know we have a love for pirates, as evidenced by our Florida trip last year. We STILL talk about the barrel fridge and sleeping in pirate ship beds!

So, when we were invited to be one of the first to enter Six Flags Great Escape‘s Buccaneer Beach, we jumped at the chance!

I’ve been going to the Great Escape since it was Storytown. Yeah. I’m dating myself here. But who cares. It’s true. I’ve been at this park more times than I can count. It only got more fun when they opened up Noah’s Sprayground as part of the Splashwater Kingdom water park section of the park. It gave us older kids something to do besides ride roller coasters and stand in line for the Desperado Plunge.

Shrimper was excited to have what we dub a “Ferris Bueller Day” and have an adventure.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by pirates-swords, hats, all sorts of Pirate-y things…and Shrimper was thrilled

11137159_10205117025299965_253626376995468846_nAnd he kept busy taking photos of the new park while waiting for the ribbon cutting…

buccaneer bay before


We were welcomed by Park President, Eric Gilbert and Public Relations Director, Rebecca Close

eric and rebecca

They talked about the refresh of Noah’s Sprayground and its transformation to Buccaneer Beach and how it helps the smallest thrill seekers GO BIG.



Then it was time to take to the water.

Thank you to Six Flags Great Escape for capturing these photos of Shrimper that there was NO WAY I could have captured on a chilly, windy, May day! The Spray cannons and the blue twisty slide were HUGE favorites for the Shrimp.



Buccaneer Beach boasts 24,000 square feet of amazingness with pop jets, slides and splash pads-ALL PIRATE THEMED! And, they listened to parents-and added DECK SPACE. 2,500 square feet of added deck space, as Park President Eric Gilbert stated-was a direct response to customer requests. Hey-I was excited. LOTS of space and easy sight lines. The lifeguard in me approves.

And as for the new deck space?

Frankie the Fox approves too.



We were fed a lunch fit for a pirate captain! It was the only way I could get Shrimper out of the water…and man..did he realize that it was COLD.


After deciding it was time for some land activities, Shrimper and I got on the Comet-I think this is the only time this summer that we’ll be walking on to that awesome ride… and then he did some of the Kidzopolis rides-he loved the ZoomJets!

We can’t wait for the warmer days as the summer goes on to head back to the amazing Buccaneer Beach!

Take it from us…GO VISIT. Go splash around and be a pirate!





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