Toy Fair 2015-The Good, The awesome and the What?

After 2 years of not being able to make it for one reason or another, I finally got to attend the New York Toy Fair!

This meant a 6:15 am train on a SATURDAY. I’m usually sleeping in (or what I call sleeping in) and Yoga-ing, but this was a good reason to break that routine.

I knew the way to Javits Center well, so it wasn’t a huge deal for me to get off the train at Penn Station and hoof it to Javits. It was COLD…but hey-winter has been SO cold here that it wasn’t unexpected.

So. moving on to the big thing about going to toy fair-TOYS! Woohoo! Things to play with!!

Let’s start with my FAVORITE products of the show-in no particular order!

These are the things that made me go “ooh!” and “SHINY!” for various reasons.

Let’s start with…


This is one of my absolute favorite things. I met this amazing team at NY ComicCon and immediately fell in love. I “Adopted” a Ninja Kitty (hey-world’s worst Ninja? I’m in!) and promptly lost it to Shrimper.



The comics are hilarious and fun.

The Tentacle Kitty plushes come in 3 sizes for your snuggling and playing pleasure…and there are Ninja Kitty, Pirate Kitty, RatTailed Unicorns and Cotton Candy Mice to fill out your collection of awesome.


Hey-who doesn’t love snuggly kitties, silly pirates (paper towel tubes, undies on head and all) and hapless ninjas? Yeah. NO ONE. The plushes will be available for purchase again in May. At that time, you can grab yourself a Pirate Kitty and Ninja Kitty…the original pink Tentacle Kitty is available now. 🙂

Let’s stick with fun, fuzzy things, shall we?

Jeanette and I heard that GRUMPY CAT was going to be at ToyFair. Can I EVER turn down a reason to see the Grump in person? NO. Never.


IMG_1264Yeah. It really wasn’t THAT long…


She’s so sweet..and not at all super Grumpy.  And her plush likeness? Snuggly, soft and adorable..and even comes with grumpy sayings…

But Gund is making some of the BEST stuff. Let’s discuss…

One of the coolest things Gund has going right now is they have the license for Studio Ghibli.

That means that one of my favorite movies ever is now in snuggly form.

Hello, Totoro!!


Can I tell you I love this scene with Mei and Totoro…

If you haven’t seen My Neighbor Totoro, I highly suggest you do, because you’re missing out on things like…

A Catbus.


and Mini Totoro


Another huge hit from Studio Ghibli is Kiki’s Delivery Service

Here’s Jiji!

IMG_1280(and I asked…They’re looking at making soot sprites and making other plush as Studio Ghibli allows. I asked about ones from Howl’s Moving Castle…and my wonderful guide agreed-it would be a great fit…so, no fear, they’re coming!)

Then…my nerd radar went off.

IMG_1295are those….


(see, red shirt. EXPENDABLE!!)

They have them in Kirk (above)

and Spock


(I already miss Leonard Nemoy!)

and Uhura…and Bones….

and then..I looked over and saw…


They have an entire line of Ugly Doll Superheroes from the DC universe. Green Lantern is in there, Wonder Woman, Superman (who is in the back here) and even Robin.

Love me some Batman…

so, let’s show you the cutest Batman and Robin combo ever…



and for the final awesomeness from Gund..I’ll just leave this with no other explanation…


Next on the awesome parade is


what’s that on my backpack? Oh, it’s just a NERVE CELL!

Giant microbes are 1 million times magnified and plush-ed microbes of viruses, cells and all sorts of other awesome things. There are everything from Ebola (yes, ebola) to brain cells.

I even tried to give one of my co workers the chicken pox.


IMG_1434He wasn’t going for it.

Then I’ve got this AWESOME Beta Cell with INSULIN INSIDE!

It was almost stolen by my endocrinologist.

That’s a whole other story that I’ll tell later…

But then, there’s some really cool Upcycling that Fashion Angels is doing..check this out:


This was a SODA BOTTLE.

For this year, they’re bringing out kits that have everything you need to upcycle things like soda bottles and old shirts. It’s really neato.

Also, they have TAPEFITTI.



Take my money, please.


Why am I showing you a spaceship?

Three words, people.


Yes, Melissa and Doug has MESS FREE GLITTER.

See the sheet up in the top corner of the shot? Yeah, that’s the glitter. You peel an area away, and rub, rub rub…



Again, take my money.


 Who is this?!

If you live in my house and can’t identify this guy…you need to go hang your head in shame.

This is Ghidorah-the Three Headed Monster.
Ghidorah is in the classic Godzilla line from Bandai. You know this is going to be coming home at some point with me. This monster is one of the most fun villains Godzilla faces.
According to Shrimper, our resident Godzilla expert-he’s in the Terror of Mechagodzilla.

Me..I think he’s got his own movie…but usually Shrimper is right….

Instead of debating all of this, let’s just look at a costume from the Power Rangers series!

Yes, this is a SHOW USED ONE!


This is from the DinoCharged run, and it emphasizes Bandai’s commitment to Show to Store. You see it on the show, you can usually get it in the store, including wacky villains!

Then, Bandai has this awesome line of Sprukits. These come in 3 levels, with increasing degrees of difficulty.

I think I may have to hunt these down for they come in…



and they have DC Heroes and Villains!


(if you can’t see, there’s Joker, Bane and the Flash!)

So, those are my first set of favorites…keep your eyes out for more from #TFNY15!

Toy Fair 2015

14 thoughts on “Toy Fair 2015-The Good, The awesome and the What?

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I get an invite to this every year, but never make it down for whatever reason. It sounds awesome, though.

  2. Going to a toy fair really sounds like a lot of fun

  3. Wonderful post I really love that you incorporated actual pictures of the toys that were at the fair! I am loving the Pokemon toy!

  4. I would LOVE to go to this wig my boys! It looks like so much fun!

    • Unfortunately, this is an industry only kids allowed. The TIA makes it clear you will be asked to leave if you bring kids. I know Shrimper would love to go, but it’s just not that kind of event. It’s very big…6,000 booths…

  5. Wow, the plush category is pretty darn incredible! There are oodles of fun things to check out in toys this year.

  6. Crystal Wachoski says:

    The Gund cat is so cute!

  7. I have always wanted to go to a toy fair! It looks like a lot of fun!!

  8. This is the first year I’ve actually heard of this and actually went and did some research on it! very awesome that you got to go! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh wow, that looks like an extremely fun event to attend. I think I would be in heaven, I look cute, soft and cleverly designed stuffed animals.

  10. What fun! I get invites for the New York show and I can never go as I live in Toronto! My son would have a hoot.

  11. Funny that in our family, it’s my husband who is so fond of toy fairs 🙂

  12. going to a toy fair with my little man is surely a fun day!

  13. Clearly I’m not on top of my you game because I haven’t heard of half of this stuff. My house is full of Barbies haha!

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