Switch-A-Rooz ! Fun for all ages!


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I was not paid for this review, but I did receive a Switch-A-Rooz toy at the New York Toy Fair. I just want to share this fun innovative toy with you!

I recently attended the New York International Toy Fair. I met some amazing companies, and saw products that I think you will love. One of my favorites is a product line from Wild Republic called Switch-A-Rooz.

 A few of the reasons I love the Switch-A-Rooz is due to the fact that the possibilities with this line are endless. The background story is fun and whimsical, they are well made, fun to play with for children or adults, and Switch-A-Rooz are two toys in one! Below I will share with you more information along with pictures of what I have seen, and a short video of how the Switch-A-Rooz work.


First off Switch-A-Rooz made by Wild Republic are a two in one stuffed animal. They flip in and out fitting into each other to make one stuffed animal. They are connected at the bottom of each animal with a sturdy seam.


Switch-A-Rooz are a soft cuddly toy that are great for any age. They come from The Land of Rooz where friends come in twos! Wild Republic has a wide range of options to choose from with the Swith-A-Rooz line. Children of all ages can have fun using their imagination playing with Huff & Puff the friendly Dragon Rooz or maybe your child prefers Arctic animals like Cookies & Cream the fun friendly Penguin and Polar Bear. My 5 year old favorite are Rex & Rocky the T-Rex and Triceratops, along with Hoot & Hollar the cuddly Owls. Like I said They have a huge selection of Switch-A-Rooz to choose from.


Another thing I find fun and interesting, is that each Switch-A-Rooz has a best friend. Each Rooz has a best friends forever symbol  that you can match with other Rooz to find it’s best friend. The symbols are easy to understand, and find and make imaginative play even more fun.


Don’t forget to check out my video review below to see the Switch-A-Rooz in action!

My top 5 reasons to adopt your own Switch-A-Rooz:

1. Fun imaginative play with a lot of options.

2. Two toys in one which makes them double the fun.

3. You can match the Best Friend Forever symbol to keep your collection growing.

4. I love the story line.

5. Soft, Cuddly, and fun for all ages.

Go check out the Switch-A-Rooz product line at www.WildRepublic.com or at www.Myswitcharooz.com

These Rooz make great gifts for all ages so go pick some up for your children and friends now!

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Easter is right around the corner so go take a look now to see which Switch-A-Rooz will be perfect for your child’s basket at home!


9 thoughts on “Switch-A-Rooz ! Fun for all ages!

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Those are too cute. My kids would each love one of those.

  2. These are gonna make great additions to our Easter Baskets!

  3. My daughter would LOVE these. I can tell just how soft they are by your amazing video you did. Of course, knowing my seven year old, he’d love them just as much as she would. Okay… who am I kidding, I think they are so adorable that I want my own Switch-A-Rooz now. That is such a great concept, and the creators were quite clever to come up with this concept.

  4. these are too cute! Perfect for the easter baskets!

  5. These are so cute! My toddler would love these!

  6. oh, I so love them…super cute!

  7. I would love one of these. Funny I am seeing this, my nephew got something like this recently. It was for a promotion. One side was a teddy bear, and when you turned him inside out, it was a bull. It is toooo cute. A bank was giving them out.

  8. So cute! I’m not fond of rodents but the colors are just so nice 🙂

  9. cuteness on the page . . . little man in the house would surely love to have this

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