School Update-the MidYear version

When last we left off, we were waiting for the wheels to fall off. Debating if the move of schools for one year was a good/bad/no change type thing.

Well, this is a mixed bag.


Shrimper is the happiest he’s been going off to school in years. He has the old spring back in his step, doesn’t fight me when I say it’s time to go to school.

OOH, let’s discuss the time to go to school thing-

Shrimper had a complete fit when he found out that he had to take a separate bus. The school he is in is out of the usual zone. He can’t take the neighborhood bus. Early in the year, he lost his cookies over the fact that he wasn’t on the “usual” bus with our regular, amazing driver. I cut a deal with the kid-I’d take him in the mornings (I usually start at 8:15, he has to be to school by 7:50. No big deal) and he had to take the bus home. This year, the kid has weaseled me out of more Starbucks bacon gouda sandwiches than I care to count. I figure it’s just the cost of an easy morning.



His team of teachers are amazing.

He has made more progress in the time he’s had this team since the summer than he did all last year. He really has done well with this crew.

I think I’ve mentioned that his TA from 2nd grade (you know-the one that was the sole reason he made it through that year…) is in his room with him and has been a great bridge from the old to the new school. She even came to his hockey tournament. Can I tell you, I nearly passed out when that happened.

But I digress.


I’m not sure what to make of the social worker. He has some agenda that I’m really not able to put my finger on. He has made some very interesting statements about me and my family that I will just leave at this-I was not appreciative of any of those comments. It’s now to the point that we allow him to work with Shrimper, but do not allow him to contact us unless it is directly related to Shrimper.  He does good work, but I can’t trust him with our family as a unit. Work with the kid, stay in your corner and realize you just blew it hard with us. So, jury’s out on this guy.



(and this is a piddly thing)

My love for the lunch ladies is tenfold. Shrimper has gotten snacks, and a ton of good stuff and eats like gangbusters. They laugh at know how much he loves things and set things aside for him. They do this for EVERY CHILD.

How much love does that show?

This school…was worth the icky. Was worth the move…

can’t wait for the rest of this year…

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