STILL in #haztodoposible mode with my #Lumia 635… #ad

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When we left off last time, I was having too much fun making it happen with my Nokia #Lumia 635 powered by Microsoft.

From Instagramming to sharing hockey photos via the camera on the Lumia, to keeping my notes in #MSOneNote and playing with Cortana, this sucker has been a godsend.

Since I figured I had the productivity apps completely mastered, I decided my next thing to do was move on to the apps that would help my “play” end of things. Heck. This is the year of me having fun….in all sorts of ways.

With the Lumia, the first thing I decided to do was keep track of the fun with the Calendar App.


one of the things I love most about this format for the calendar is that it displays the projected weather for each day!! Notice the little icon in the upper right hand corner of each day block. It’s a small weather icon that shows you what the weather predictions are for that particular day. It’s so simple to tell at a glance if I’m going to need to throw snow pants at the Shrimper for recess (they go outside..even in snow!) or I’m going to need to wear my boots zipping through the work parking lot.

So how does this impact my fun? It gives me some inking of when I may have to miss my insane yoga class..

(you haven’t lived until you’ve been in a class with a retired infantry Airborne as the instructor, and been told to UP DOG. DOWN DOG. CHATURANGA. In full.military.yell.)

Also, it keeps my trips organized! It’s so insanely easy to add events to the calendar.


you just click, add and then click the disk icon.

10893684_10204380339203273_303077033_nThe events are in blue and each day tells you how many events you have for that day.

You can even add notes to it! It then sends you push notifications when you have an event due. It’s perfect for me to keep track of everything, especially with a schedule in flux all of the time. Heck, I don’t even look forward in my book because it’s so “flux-y.”
Since I drive a lot , it’s hard to keep my music going. Even with having a satellite radio in my car, there are dead zones. How does a girl even get her music on for her road trips and keep it kosher for her ADD brain?

Enter MixRadio.


This is accessible from the home tiles-you know-the ones I showed you last time…and helps you to make your own mixes!

There are some great things about this-first off, you can create your own mix. You just start by pressing the headphones with the plus sign and then…


you add artists.
Yes, I added Ariana Grande. Don’t Judge.

Also, I had to get some George Michael in there. When I did..the station generated one of my favorite guilty pleasure songs ever.



Now, the cool thing about making your own mix is that it doesn’t just throw things from your chosen artists in there. It puts similar things in there-you’re likely to discover, like I did, some lost treasures or new to you things that you love.

Can’t decide what artists you want in your mix? Go with a featured mix!


All sorts of different mixes! I test ran the Big Game and the Commuting mix. Both really good mixes, right now, very heavy on the Katy Perry for obvious reasons! These are perfect for working out, traveling (like I do a lot of ) and just hanging in and listening to while working or just surfing the web.

Wait-you don’t like a song that crops up? SKIP IT. You get so many skips per hour, and then you just have to let it roll until your skips come back!


Now, it’s no secret I’m a sports girl. I love me some sports. If you start talking sports, I’m in. I’ll chat your ear off with statistics and things.

ESPECIALLY if you talk Hockey with  me and especially  if you wanna talk Anaheim. Or New Jersey…But I digress.

Now, how does a girl on the go keep up with all of her sports related news and scores?

Enter  MS Sports!

This app has all that is fit to print (and not so much) in the sports world.

Open up the page and the first thing you see is the news-organized by sport.


Super bowl….Deflategate…

ok, where’s the good stuff?

961761_10204380336923216_1117577137_n we go. Hockey News!

Wait-there’s an article about the press conference I listened to this morning! Wonder if they have the translation for the French stuff that was going on…


Ok, time to go through it.

Love the fact that it’s the full article and is easy to read and click through. Love it.

Take a look at this scoreboard!


each sport has one-start times (especially crucial for hockey and basketball, as there are west coast games going on..) and what the current score is.

LOVE the fact that they have the logos there. Makes it so easy at a quick glance…and for me to know what games are coming up.

Keeps it fun..and makes it happen for me so I can keep track of my favorite sport on the run!

I have to say-I was totally prepared not to fall head over heels for this little #Lumia. It really won me over with how easy it’s been to learn all of the apps and to make my life happen.

Best. ever.
So glad that my #Lumia and Microsoft made it #haztodoposible for me to make it happen!

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