Thankful? Yep! That’s us!

I am a  member of the Everywhere Society and they provided me with this product for review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
It’s Thanksgiving week. We’re all insanely busy, so it really is important to focus on what is important and be thankful for everything we have, and most times take for granted.
Here in East Nowhere, I have to say I’m thankful for the insanity that is my job, first and foremost. I’ve never worked with a bunch of people who are as dedicated and as tons of fun as this group is. It really is a blessing to be in a team, assembled with such care and concern, where you can be as oddball as you want to be and you are loved, respected and allowed to just be you. You don’t find that everywhere.
Then, being a LMT by day gives me a whole realm of things to be thankful for-
Like the fact that my muscles move
my bones all work well to hold those muscles
and I can MOVE. Ok, I have some crankly shoulders and pecs, but I can move!
Then there’s my family.
I can’t NOT be thankful for them.
For the Other Half who puts up with my travel and my slight airheadedness. He laughs along with it and even expects something funny when I come home-like the book “Cats are Weird” that I brought him back from NYCCC.
Shrimper-the kid is a sunbeam. He makes me laugh daily and even at his worst, is a great kid. I am thankful for that.
The awesomeness that are my parents. Hello, my Dad joins me for the Hunger Games movies. He makes sure we have Sunday Family Dinners. Mom holds it all down and laughs with us. There are so many things to list that it makes my head spin.
I am also thankful for people who can make wonderful things that I have no talent and or patience for.
Crafts, different kinds of food, art…it’s all amazing
and that’s where Heart of Haiti comes in.
Macy’s has an amazing line of hand made items by artisans in Haiti-who they pay half of the proceeds to- that are beautiful and unique, just as much as the people who buy them are.
I am insanely thankful to Macy’s for heading down to Haiti after the earthquake and starting a program that provides sustainable income for these artists. There are over 500  artists in the program, and that benefits THOUSANDS of people. It’s amazing what one purchase of something as awesome as this:
The amazing Tobacco Leaf Tray…Not the cat. That’s Emma modeling the tray. She’d knocked off all of the amazing set up I had on it-the little “what I’m thankful for..”-coffee, kid, family…but I digress..back to the tray.
The purchase of the tray helps an entire village. How can you not be thankful that you can do that?
These trays are amazing and beautiful-made like paper mache, -all hand made. Perfect for giving and serving Thanksgiving desserts on!
Check out how the trays are made-I could never, ever do this…and I’m thankful that the artists can!
Head over to Macy’s website and check out the trays and the other neat things that come from Heart of Haiti!
The tray also makes a great space  for Emma to sleep on, against my wishes…she says “IT IS MADE OF WARM!!”
Yeah. seriously.
And I am thankful for this cat.  She is my buddy in all things happy and sad. She is a black powerhouse of purr. SO thankful she found us…
But seriously.
I am thankful for everything I have..including you. Our Readers here. We couldn’t have the Circus without you!
I’m off to kick the cat off of the tray and use it to serve up a new dessert I’m working on for Thanksgiving Dinner.
And to remember to be thankful for every.small.thing we have.

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