Make Bath time fun with Splashimals Splash Cards!



 Disclaimer: I received Splashimals Splash Cards in exchange for a review. Even though I was compensated in this manner all content written is my honest truthful opinion.

My daughter loves bath time, and she always has to have toys or something to play with while in the bath. That’s why I was so excited to check out a fun new bath time game for her! I received Splashimals Splash cards from Winning Moves to review. Upon opening my package, and pulling them out I was extremely impressed. The packaging is nice, the cards are sturdy, and it looks fun!

Now it’s time for me to take them out, and let my daughter play with them. First off the cards came in a Velcro pouch that you can use as storage when your children are not playing with their Splashimals Splash Cards. The pouch is made well, and will dry quickly because it does have holes throughout it.

image (1)

These  Splashimals Splash Cards are floating, waterproof, mix and match animal cards that can really be played anywhere whether it’s the bath, pool, or on the table & floor. They help make bath time fun and education by matching or in some cases miss-matching the different animal cards. They are also lightweight and washable, which is a big plus because kids can be messy & easy clean up is key in my house!

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My daughter loved all the animals, and really enjoyed mixing the cards up to create her own silly animal. Her favorite was making a MonBear which was the front of a Monkey with the back of a Polar Bear. These Splashimals Splash Cards by Winning Moves have 15 animals with over 225 different possible combinations.

Why I love Splashimals Splash Cards & recommend them:

  • Four ways to Play! Animal recognition, Mix & Match to create new animals, Play a game of memory, Word recognition.
  • I love that Splashimals Splash Cards allows my daughter to have fun, be creative, and learn while taking a bath or playing in the pool.
  • They are Washable! Easy to clean toys for kids are great!
  • Splashimals Splash Cards comes in it’s own pouch that Velcros closed so it’s easy to keep together, and put away.


I think these Splashimals Splash Cards would make a Perfect gift for young children who like to have fun in the bath! They would make an excellent stocking stuffer or Holiday gift. So go take a look at them over at Winning moves to pick up a set for the special little one in your life.



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14 thoughts on “Make Bath time fun with Splashimals Splash Cards!

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Those flashcards are great. I would have definitely used them when my kids were younger.

  2. That’s awesome!! Our kids would have loved these!!!

  3. Fun and so educational!

  4. Those flashcards look great! I’ll definitely have to get some for my daughter.

  5. This is so cool. My son would love this.

  6. Tricia the Good Mama says:

    These are so cute! We have a “bathetball” hoop that my son loves playing with, but I think I might try these as a nice educational toy.

  7. This looks great. Will pass on to my daycare providers and grandchildren parents.

  8. Debbie Jean McMullen says:

    Ohh my preschooler would love those for bathtime! What a great idea

  9. That sounds really neat! I will be looking into these for a holiday gift for sure!

  10. says:

    Fun idea!

  11. I think my one year old would so love this! I love taking every opportunity to teach my children. “No teaching moment wasted!”

  12. I’ve never heard of these. What a great way to have fun while learning! This should also help to smooth over some toddler bath battles.

  13. This looks like so much fun. My kids would love.

  14. Jackie Houston says:

    These are great my son would love them!

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