Quick Check in

Yes, I’m still alive.


I’m waiting on Myology final results and I’m working a LOT.

So, here’s the quick bullet points of what’s going on around here.


I now work for one of my favorite companies of all time. Great HR practices, ect.

It’s something I’ve never, ever done before, and every day is a new learning experience.

AND it gets me cash to get through the end of school.


I’m heading to Niche Mommy 12 in NEW ORLEANS (!) in 2 weeks. It was unexpected,and I’ll talk more about that when I can sit down and draft a post later.


I’ve got all the school supplies purchased, and that was an ordeal. I profusely apologize to all of my former students and parents if I ever did something like this to you.


now, I’m off to another early morning shift. Should be one heck of an interesting day…

One thought on “Quick Check in

  1. Get it, girl! You’re kicking butt!

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