My Top 10 tips to tackle parenting

It’s summer. I’m in school. I’m working part time (More about that in another post…), so our lives are full of stresses and messes! Seriously. If we get out of the house with all of us clean, ready and without scrambling, it’s a red letter event.

A typical morning in our house over the past two weeks involves the following:

  • sleeping through the alarm.
  • all of us scrambling for the bathroom
  • scrambling to make sure backpacks (Both mine and Isaac’s) are ready to go with all supplies-lotion, lunch, sheets-wait, that’s just my bag. Isaac’s has lunch, take home folder and assorted items for the day.
  • Making sure we all have the right, matching clothes on, especially if Isaac picks out his own clothes…and I have the right pants-scrubs for clinic days, comfy ones for non clinic days…
  • Isaac missing the bus-see the first bullet for why.
  • Me driving him to school on my way to school
  • Me praying that I have a K-cup in my bag for the Keurig at school…
  • All of us making it to where we need to go on time, just by the skin of our teeth.

Oh, there is breakfast in there, almost always done on the run and throwing a wipe to the backseat of my car to make sure that faces and hands are clean  before heading into the building. See? Both stress AND  mess!

And there’s some chaos thrown in, but that’s par for the course around here! Come on-with the cats and guinea pigs, sometimes getting ready is a chore…especially when a cat decides that you should PET THEM NOW instead of putting on your scrubs.

(that was this morning.)


We have resolved to make the stresses and messes just a smidge easier to handle in the mornings…so, here are my top 10 tips to make that happen…because we HAVE had some easy mornings, where it all works like it should…

(drumroll please…)

AND NOW. Straight from the home office in Pewaukee, Wisconsin (Doug swears that’s a real place…I’m inclined to believe him because he LIVED In Wisconsin..)


10. Have a back up alarm for your back up alarm. We learned this the hard way this morning when the power went out and the batteries in the radio died.

9. A pack of wipes at the ready is  ESSENTIAL for getting out of the house. They’re good for everything. It’s kind of like the windex from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Wipes are good for zits, burns, ect. Just everything. Need to get out of a mess? Use a wipe!

8. Breakfast is whatever you make it, and it’s on the go! Seriously. Cold Pizza is a favorite breakfast in our house. Especially if it’s Isaac’s “always usual” Hawaiian Pizza. Yes, I take full blame for that one…

7. Making a game out of getting ready on a late morning is essential. It keeps everyone on their toes and makes it silly and fun. Takes the stress out of some portions of the morning.

6. Backpacks-at the ready. Everything in the space by the door. Including everything the ADULTS need for the day! Nothing derails us faster than Isaac having everything ready and me scrambling for SOMETHING. Today, it was my lotion pump.

5. More wipes by the door. Trust me. You’ll need them.

4. A spare set of clothes. Just in case.

3. A good CD/song playing in the car. Does wonders for the mood. Especially when the peanut gallery in the back starts singing along. This morning, it was “the Final Countdown.” I am unapologetic about my 80’s upbringing.

2. knowing what special day it is. Nothing has derailed us faster than Isaac yelling “It’s ______________________ day! I need ___________!”


1.  A Pet Distraction Strategy. See above.


Now, let’s get back to one crucial part of my strategy. Wipes.

I am a HUGE fan of Huggies wipes. From the word Go, they always had the best wipes that could clean ANYTHING. Plus, they come in these awesome travel packs. It’s awesomesauce.


They’ve now improved their wipes (and diapers too) to make sure they withstand the messes of real life. If it’s jelly on a pair of pants and a face, or the marker on the hands…or even lemonade on a foot with a flip flop (not kidding.seriously. they work on that too.), Huggies will clean the mess!

Now, the cool thing is that they want people to test the new products (wipes, Huggies Dry diapers and Huggies Snugs) and share stories on Facebook. The Huggies Latino page is a great place to share tales. Trust me. There are some doozies out there! While you’re there, make sure to enter to win a fully stocked diaper bag. Don’t need it yourself? Give it to someone who does! Mine would go to one of my supervisors at work. I may just snag the wipes though.

Now, for those of us who are Spanish Speaking, Huggies has started an awesome set of websiodes with a real family-real stress, real mess, real life. Cute kids too.

Here’s one of the webisodes


(I promise. it’s good…and fun.)

Even not speaking Spanish, you get the gist of the whole thing. And the kids? SO STINKIN’ CUTE!


Got any tips for me to add to my top 10 list to get through a morning? Let me know!


This post was compensated by Latina Bloggers Connect and Huggies. The opinions and insanity of the top 10 list are mine and mine alone. 




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