Things I didn’t want to think about when working toward a half marathon

Ok, so this post isn’t for the squeamish.


You have been warned.


One of the things that has become insanely unpredictable since my gastric bypass is my period. Seriously. The weight loss has messed with my system. Plus, the mileage of working toward that amazing 13 mile run . Part of this run is raising funds for the LLS. Sooo, when I was given the opportunity to test out a product that may make my run a smidge easier,  I was all in.


Now, back to my period.


The way my luck runs, I figure I’ll have my period on race day. No two ways about this. It’s just the way my neon sign goes. (If you don’t understand about my neon sign, go read about my luck here, here and here.)

So, I have been debating about what to do. I’m usually a tampon girl all the way. I figured that just throw a tampon in and go. It’s only 6 hours of walking/running and the like. But, if there was  a better way, then I was all in.


Enter the Instead Softcup.

This product is billed as something that you can wear for up to 12 hours and through all manner of sports.

Hrm. Ok. Sounds interesting. I swim. I now run-walk. Ok. Fine. I’ll give it a try.

The kind people at Instead sent me a box of the disposable softcups, with a note saying that these would last me a cycle or two depending on how heavy everything got.

Sure. Fine. One cycle to test the waters was fine with me.

I went on line and found the insertion instructions and followed them to the T. It took me a few tries to really get the rim of the cup where it needed to go, because I’d never really had to insert something folded before. Or without an applicator.

Once I got it in and jiggled it around so that I got it in the right spot-right under the pelvic bone-it was completely non existent. I knew I had it in, but I didn’t feel it and I didn’t even notice it once I got grooving.

I shot out for my morning run-walk and did a 5 miler. I was really paying attention to how I felt-could I feel it, what was the deal, ect.

Now, I will say-I didn’t feel a thing. I didn’t even remember I had put it in. By about mile 2.4, I had forgotten totally about it. I was more interested on what was on my iPod and what my Nike Run App was doing.

I’ll tell you- Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass is a great one to get some mileage to! I’ve got that followed by Maroon 5.

So, please note-I didn’t think about the cup.

Later on that afternoon, I finally got around to whipping it out. I was impressed with the hold, I was impressed with the no leaking. BUUUT, it was a messy take out. I don’t know if I’d do this at school or anywhere where I really couldn’t get a good wash of my hands on. Even though at school, we’ve got a ton of handwashing stuff, I don’t think I’d totally feel comfortable with the mess I made.


I will say that the Instead Softcup is great for swimming, running, and awesome sports, but for day to day? I don’t know. If I timed it right at school, it may be ok, but on that off chance I didn’t…I don’t know.

But for sports? Go over to the website and try one. I know I’ll be packing a few of these for my trip to San Fran and using one for the run!


This post was sponsored by For the Love of the Run. They provided me with a pack of Instead Softcups for my use and a donation for my run fund. The opinions are all my own and not influenced in any way. I was not told what to say, nor how to say it. Y’all know me better than that :).

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